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Clutch Problem


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At 7S recently with J33P club I managed to spin my clutch very badly. Well enough for people about 25-30m away to smell it :( . After this incident the biting point moved to the top of the pedal travel, ie less than 1/2" of movement and the clutch disengaged enough to change gear/lose drive. I replaced the clutch and the biting point is still in the same position. I didn't touch the fluid side of things though. Is there a need to bleed the clutch even though I haven't opened the fluid system.

1 thing I did notice was the little plastic clip that holds the rod from the slave cyl to the fork was all misshapen and melted where it got a little warm :o . Would the heat transfer done anything to the slave cylinder itself and caused this problem or do I just need to bleed the clutch?

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