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  1. I think you should keep the 90 and the 110, Mike, finish the Ibex and then sell it off cheaply. I've pmed my phone number 😉 Mo
  2. $128,700 for a NAS 90

    Lordy ! Mo
  3. I look forward to seeing how it works out, Oakmaster. Please keep us up to date with how it all progresses 👍 Mo
  4. Diagnosis confirmation needed

    Pressurised coolant does rather point to head gasket Rich. Mo
  5. I like the idea of running DRLs. I couldn't see the the point of them originally but on gloomy winters days it does make more cars more visible at a further distance, improving safety so they'e grown on me. However I think you'll melt the bulb holder keeping a 21w filament lit for more than a few minutes. The alternative is LED but standard looking sidelight LED DRLs are not easy to find, in fact, the only ones I know are the Nakatanenga versions which are frighteningly expensive. Mo
  6. Power mirrors for 110 1984??

    Why do I get the feeling that a nice early 110 is about to get raped 🙁 Mo
  7. Temp and coolant issue

    The plastic caps on the thermostat housing and the radiator 😊 there is an X-Eng aluminium replacement or you can get some brass ones from a plumbing supplier but they aren't as shiny as the X-Eng caps 😉 Mo
  8. Temp and coolant issue

    Yes, those gardens can be harsh ! 😉
  9. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Good work Ralph, when shall I bring mine down to you ? 😉 Mo
  10. Share your LR Plan(s) for 2017

    Got loads done this year, including new suspension, changing a swivel ball, converting to vented discs and changing the head but alas never got to finishing the air con or the supplimentary heating. Still theres always next year 😉 Mo
  11. Washer bottle/pump options

    Buy new pumps that fit in the hole ? Mo
  12. There's a hole in my battery box

    Just cut the rusty bit out and weld a new piece of steel in. Mo
  13. HELP !! Bloody Landys

    A drop of solder would probably fix it if it's a pin hole. Mo
  14. Handy Negative Electrical Connection

    Wouldn't be hard to run a wire from the battery negative to the bolt and make a really good earth that not reliant on rusty nuts and bolts to get back to the battery. Just a thought Mo