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  1. Mo Murphy

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Once upon a time Red90 but they're different people now, glib, faceless, characterless, generic money makers. No sense of adventure beyond their carefully choreographed and slickly produced adverts and marketing ploys. No sense of Empire. Mo
  2. Mo Murphy

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    We're all doomed, I tell ye ! Sharpen your pitchforks and prepare to defend these hallowed pages. Mo Well, maybe they can have the Evoque page 😂
  3. Mo Murphy

    4.0 GEMS engine swap

    Best way to finish it is to start it, I'm with Steve on this. Mo
  4. Mo Murphy

    Defender 200 Tdi water pump question

    Thanks chaps. I've bought a Pro flow pump as funds dictated prudence. We'll see how this one gets on. Mo
  5. Mo Murphy

    Robs 90 called Billy

    Cheers for that keeley 👍 Mo
  6. Mo Murphy

    Robs 90 called Billy

    Keeley, how are you getting on with the OME springs now that you're driving it ? Would you get the same again ? Mo
  7. Mo Murphy

    Defender 200 Tdi water pump question

    I haven't Rich, it's out of warranty and I'm more inclined to devote my energies to finding a good replacement rather than more of the same. Mo
  8. Mo Murphy

    Defender 200 Tdi water pump question

    Indeed Ralph. Alas any airtex pumps that were available have gone into hiding without any prior revelation of or clue to their location. So to recap ... For this reason I am seeking quality alternatives. At the moment based on prior experience and recommendation I can really only consider genuine replacement at this moment in time. The previous replacement from Turners which may or may not have been Pro Flo lasted less than 10k miles which in my opinion is nowhere near long enough given that the previous genuine came off a second hand engine, did 40k miles on this engine and hadn't failed when I replaced it ! So any further confirmed leads on the location of an Airtex 200 Tdi water pump would be welcomed 😊 Mo
  9. Mo Murphy

    Defender 200 Tdi water pump question

  10. Hedley, speaking from experience, the Delphi pumps aren't much better than the Britpart in terms of longevity. Mo
  11. Mo Murphy

    Defender 200 Tdi water pump question

    Thanks Ian, I saw those on my searches but, maybe I'm just cynical, they seem to be selling proflo pumps at inflated prices trading on the airtex name. I doubt very much I'd get an airtex pump especially when nobody else seems to have them. Thanks again any way 👍 Mo
  12. Mo Murphy

    Defender 200 Tdi water pump question

    Morning chaps, Thanks for your replies. Ian, I saw those on my searches and did note that they come with a 2 year warranty but I've never heard of them before. Rich, it's leaking from the pump nose behind the pulley. Thanks Mav, the only thing that concerns me now is that I read on an Aussie forum last night that flange for the fan may have a different pcd for the viscous 🙁 The pump that I changed last time had been on the engine 8 years before I changed it and came from the donor Defender engine before that so ...... I think I may have to hold my nose, cry a little bit in a quiet corner and buy a genuine pump and hope that it lasts as long as the original. Unless I still have that old one somewhere in the garage ... Mo
  13. Mo Murphy

    300tdi turbo inlet size

    You know, going in through the wing top would work really well for that 😉 That's a really shiny install Stephen 👌 @Anderzander Mo
  14. Evening all, Does anyone know if STC635, 21/2 up to 19j is the same as and can be used instead of STC639 for Defender 200 Tdi ? The reason I ask is that I know they have the same sealing footprint, STC635 is available from Airtex, the OEM supplier but STC639 isn't. As I thought would be good practice, I replaced the genuine old reliable pump when I changed the timing belt with a new one Turners sell (I don't know what brand) but it's lasted less than two years. Funds don't stretch to £270 for a new genuine pump but Airtex seem to have always been highly regarded, hence my question 😊 I have read Mavericks thread where he used a 200 pump on a 19j but can't find any reports of vice-versa. Failing that can anyone recommend a reputable brand for STC639 ? Cheers Mo
  15. Mo Murphy

    300tdi oil leak

    I'll echo monkie, only use a genuine rear cramk seal. Mo

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