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  1. Your coolant level is low or you have an air lock preventing full circulation. Mo
  2. At least 200 Tdis and earlier are safe from this Land Rover nonsense. Interesting that now that they've stopped building it that it never stops improving. Mo
  3. I can probably grab them for you Stephen. Mo
  4. Is there a part number of any sort on the filter ? Mo
  5. Just to finish up, earth switching the intermittent relay changed to live switching with an additional 4 pin relay. Now have intermittent wipe when the button is pressed and wash / wipe works all the time regardless of rear wiper button. 👍 Mo
  6. Right, duff relay replaced and success ! Rear wiper now on a 5 second intermittent wipe. Rear washer activates 5 wipes of the rear screen but only does so if the rear wiper is turned on. I suspect this is because I'm switching the relay with the earth so the relay only operates if the earth is connected. I'll wire up a relay to switch the live on the j pin and then have a permanent earth which I hope will resolve that one. Hope this helps someone. Old skool, back of a bit of scrap paper wiring diagram included. Mo
  7. Thanks Simon, It seems to be quite straight forward, having researched it. I fear the relay I'm trying is duff, so tomorrow, weather permitting I'll take the known good one out of the front and try it on the back. In the meantime I've ordered a replacement which I hope will arrive soon. Mo
  8. Thought occurs that 2002 on TD5 dash switch switches the earth. So I may need a 4 pin relay to change that to switching live. Or put an ignition live to the switching terminal on the relay and switch the relay earth terminal. Progress, I think ... If these musings fail to make sense please say so ! Mo
  9. Indeed Ralph, that was in another life 😉 And indeed I do still need an electrical grown up. Mo
  10. Soutie, red at the top, indicators at the bottom. Mo
  11. Afternoon all, I'm trying to get the rear wiper working intermittently using a front wiper relay. Td5 push button switch and a rear wiper of unknown vintage. I can't get it to work. Attached is a picture (old skool 😉) of what I've worked out. Could someone with some electrical nous tell me how it SHOULD be wired up ? I can then compare that to what I've been trying and see where I've been going wrong 😬 Many thanks Mo
  12. Makes you wonder why they didn't make the hole bigger in the first place ! Mo
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