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  1. Change the wife ? Mo 😎
  2. Recon gearbox Chris, would be foolish not to replace the clutch whilst I'm in there 😊 so yes undoing the catalan engineering ! Mo
  3. Thanks Gents, someone else also recommended copper grease ! Mo
  4. Do you grease it when changing the release bearing ? What grease do you use ? Mo
  5. Love the cars ! From the days when there was automotive styling 😊 Mo
  6. I think we just have to accept, Stephen that Satan is walking the earth and that the new Defender is one of his many manifestations. Don't be led astray, he's a cunning devil. And there's nothing wrong with big ball joints ... Mo
  7. And check the bulkhead to windscreen seal and the actual windscreen seal itself, both are common water ingress sites. Google Land Rover water ingress manual. HTH Mo
  8. And so the style criminals creep out of the woodwork ... 😉 Mo
  9. I have one of Nige's bonnet gas strut kits BTW, and it's proved very robust and reliable 👍 Mo
  10. Abusing his body and the NHS, on the other hand ... Mo 😉
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