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  1. Mo Murphy

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Why would anyone take a shopping basket off road ? 😂 Mo
  2. Mo Murphy

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Pitchfork sharpened and oiled ... It looks bloody hideous, how any 90 or barge enthusiast could bear to even look at it is beyond me. A Characterless, souless disposable monstrosity Bring back St. George, there's a dragon needs slaying Mo
  3. Mo Murphy

    Washer pump wiring capacity

    Thanks Paul, I'll pm you 👍 Mo
  4. Mo Murphy

    "Blue Box" oil-filters...

    I know that they are expensive but I only use genuine filters these days. Too many old good names being put on cheap carp now to be able to be sure of what you buy. Mo
  5. Mo Murphy

    New Suzuki Jimny

    Stocky little thing actually looks quite good, certainly better than some of the hideous creations that have been created out of defenders of late by the more-money-than-taste lifestylers 😂 Mo
  6. Mo Murphy

    Venturing off road again.......

    That looks pretty Bish, welcome back to the fold. When are you bobtailing it ? Mo
  7. Mo Murphy

    Washer pump wiring capacity

    Afternoon all, Does anyone know if the TD5 washer pump wiring is man enough to run a second washer pump of the older type ? If it is, does anyone know where I can buy the plastic housings with the 2 lucas spades to fit on the older pump ? I know 2 spades will do but a connector always looks better 😉 Cheers Mo
  8. Mo Murphy

    Dipstick Oil Blowing

    Andy, I had this excess crankcase problem on my 200 when I tried using a catch can because of the old problem of a little oil getting into the filter box. Started after fitting the catch can. Seemed odd to me but the engine seems to need the positive ventilation of the breather connection to the intake system to keep crankcase pressure down. Anyway I eventually put 2 and 2 together and removed the catch can, reconnected the breather hose to the air box and normal service was resumed and the myriad other little oil weeps stopped too. May not be relevent to you but my experience FWIW . MO
  9. Mo Murphy

    More numbers needed

    Cheers Ralph. Mo
  10. Mo Murphy

    More numbers needed

    Evening chaps, I need the part numbers for a) the rear/end door rubber convoluted harness tube for the older type door and b)the metal bracket that secures it on the door Can anyone help with these ? Cheers Mo
  11. Mo Murphy

    Syncro Slick shift

    ... and compatible with X-Lock 👍 Mo
  12. Mo Murphy

    Screw plastic inserts part numbers

    Thank you David, you're a toff! 👍 Mo
  13. For the 4 square holes in the front wing panel around the headlamp aperture please. Much obliged Mo
  14. Mo Murphy

    Retrofitted td5 speedo alarm red led

    I did this on my last 90, dieseljim made me a little flasher circuit which flashed the led when the ignition was off. This time I was going to use it for for winch live power on but I had forgotten with all the other jobs. Thanks for the reminder Ralph 👍 Mo
  15. Mo Murphy

    Any auto sparkies?

    @Bowie69 Thanks Pete, an interesting read particularly regarding the 3 stage charging process and how important this is. However, this all seems to refer to external charging and I'm puzzled that if an alternator is not the best way to charge a battery then how do most batteries last so well in most cars ? Having said that, mains charging via a smart charger seems to be a reasonably cost effective and efficient method of running the fridge over several days at a single location and be able to leave the site with a full battery for the next journey. Cheers Mo

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