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  1. Query about front springs

    Thanks Ross but yours are pretty much the same poundage and height as what I have in there. Looking at the charts I think I may go for standard 90 fronts at 175lbs rather than the 225lbs that's in there at the mo. If that proves too soft then I may need to take a look at a front anti roll bar, though to be honest that's not a path I'd really want to tread if I can avoid it. Mo
  2. Query about front springs

    Thanks chaps Mo
  3. Transition from td5 to Puma.

    Too much electrickery, give me clockwork any day 😆 Mo
  4. New Defender

    No no no no its just too long ! The best place for anything that long is in a canal. 😆 Mo
  5. Stainless exhaust pictures.

    The Griffin exhaust does sound lovely 😊 There's one on my shopping list but the price says it might well be a while before one makes it onto my 90 🙁. Mo
  6. Query about front springs

    I've always been a fan of tall soft springs which are great for articulation and off road performance but which, by their nature tend to wallow and allow roll on the road (particularly since fitting the roll cage). Since many of my trips these days tend to involve lots of road miles to and from our trips abroad and twisty mountain tarmac too, I upgraded my brakes to vented discs on the front and suspension to standard heavy duty for this year's trip. Both were fantastic on this year's trip, getting much less brake fade on steep, relatively fast tarmac descents and the handling has become a lot more predictable and less butt clenching 😉 I do find the attitude of the vehicle unsatisfactory though. The back sits quite low and the front high. The back was remedied with some Gwyn Lewis 1 1/2 inch lifters but the front springs are going to require replacement with shorter items as it sits about 2'' too high. These were std rear springs repurposed as HD front springs. Obviously the bikini mount and winch don't weigh enough to compress them but I do like the stiffness (I know 😉). So, solutions and a question. Are there standard springs out there of the same poundage as the heavy duty front springs but a couple of inches shorter ? Does anyone know ? Have you had the same problem ? How did you resolve it ? Please enlighten me 😊 Mo
  7. Third Brake Light

    Nice job Colin, it does improve brake light visibility 👍 I fitted mine on the rear door window mesh so it shines through the glass. For no other reason than it was easier to do that way 😁 Mo
  8. Tree/rock sliders

    That's what they're best for 😊 Mo
  9. Swivel housing advice

    Steve, I'd be quite happy using the helicoiled housings. Providing they've been put in square, they'll be as good as the old threads. Mo
  10. New Defender

    Isn't jeep owned by Fiat ? Mo
  11. 200tdi cyclinder head core plug leak?

    Surely Mav, you can take the head off and change the core plug ? Mo
  12. Forum Logo - Show off your graphic design skills

    With all due respect to the other contributors but I like mud monkeys no. 2 🤔 er example no.2 😆 Mo
  13. 200tdi starter motor earth

    Excellent result ! Mo
  14. defender 200tdi injectors

    Splendid Ian, pleased to hear it. Mo