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  1. On the 8th day God made the 90, the rest of past current and future models were just failed initial attempts 😛 Mo
  2. Strings of silicone in mine, orange or white, choice of either 😂 Mo
  3. Small dogs ! 😍❤ They are lovely, Kirton ! Mo
  4. Indeed Steve, mind you that chap on YouTube got his Peugeot van more off road than that on a roundabout 😂 Mo
  5. Surely a cheap chinesium copy heater circuit board would be all that's needed to resolve can bus access ? To my mind anyway Mo
  6. What a load of old tosh ! Off road my arse ! The German nation should hang it's head in shame for perpetuating Land Rovers greatest con trick. Mind you, the Germans do have form, telling a lot of porkies in the '30s and the early '40s. Mo 😉
  7. ^ ... in the Sahara. Mo
  8. Sounds expensive ... Mo😉
  9. I've watched Uncle strip his newer style tensioned hubs and reassemble. Reusing the bearings, it's a very easy and straightforward process. Replacing the bearings would, I imagine, be a different kettle of fish. Known as I am for my love of all things new and radical, my preference would be for ... 2 nuts, simplicity, the ability to adjust for wear and no reliance on additional parts like spacers and single use stake nuts (I know some people reuse them but they're supposed to be single use). If a mechanical buffoon like me can master old school wheel bearings why change ? It's not even remotely tricky ! Mo 😆
  10. The injection pump is in a slightly different position on a 200 Defender timing case compared to the Discovery Mike, requiring different brackets. However having reread the original post it may be that the OP already has them. Mo
  11. ... and regrettably allowed to continue to breathe. Civilisation has destroyed natural selection. 😇 Mo
  12. If you want the temp guage to work you will need a black 300 tdi sender and the wire needs to be routed via the resister on the TD5 speedo circuit board. Google is your friend with this. You can wire it directly but you will have to experiment with different sized resisters to get an accurate reading. It's a tremendous ball ache which I did about 15 years ago. The former way to do it is the way to go. HTH Mo
  13. It's still amazes me that there are people out there stupid enough to give someone money for one of these ! 😂 Mo
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