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  1. The good thing about having a farm is that there's plenty of room to torch a new Pretender 😬 Mo
  2. The clearance holes for the mounting bolts are different sizes in either caliper IIRC though which is bigger, imperial or metric, I can't remember. Otherwise they are the same item. Mo
  3. I'm sure the 200 & 300 caliper bolts are metric James and had been since the start of the 90/110. Mo
  4. The reason I asked Red110 is that the TD4 engine was only fitted to the Freelander. The Ford Transit engine is not a TD4 🥴 Mo
  5. I wonder if they're going to make a proper sized one rather than a faux barge ? Mo
  6. Looks like it's made of cardboard ! I'd be a bit miffed if I'd paid all that money to find I could have made one from weetabix boxes. Perhaps it's one they made earlier ? 😬 Mo
  7. Don't swallow, Jon ! 🤣 Mo
  8. @V8 Freak Uncle, this could be your next truck combining both of your interests ! Mo
  9. Oh dear God ! And I thought "overland" barges with all their worldly possessions on the roof rack looked **** ! Mo
  10. I'd advise to buy from Ashcroft. Always better to buy proven quality over an unknown even if its costs a bit more and takes a bit longer from the UK. Mo
  11. Or just don't buy anything from the EU, we have lots of good quality innovative suppliers here like Ashcroft or X-Eng (😬). Just let the EU buy from us. That'll help the balance of payments too 😁 Mo
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