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  1. I'd just nail a length of weld curtain to the bottom of the doors. That'll keep the water and draughts out. Simple, cheap and easily replacable 👍 Mo
  2. Similar to the Freelander ? Freelander 3 ? A worthy successor ? I think not. Mo
  3. Mo Murphy

    TD5 to V8

    The dash harness is the backbone of the electrical system and connected to it are the 2 wing harnesses, the engine harness and the rear harness. Mo
  4. Good work lo-fi, love the bench top brake press 👍 Mo
  5. Blessed are the cheese makers. Mo 😉
  6. Welcome Othorton 👍☺ Mo
  7. Sliders toward the transfer box. Mo
  8. Just not too long, Lovvers dear boy 😊 Mo
  9. Credit to Dicky or Jon Yorkshire Dales
  10. There are earth points in the rear tub body under the rear light covers up to 200 Tdi. Mo
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