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  1. Power steering leak

    That's why most people do it themselves. It's certainly why I do. Mo
  2. Assault helmet

    Oh dear God Mo
  3. V8 Limited Edition Defender to celebrate 70th Anniversary

    Interesting that they're using a model that they don't want to build any more to celebrate their 70th birthday. I take it their current range isn't special enough. Irony ? Mo
  4. Seems not to work for me either 🙁 Mo
  5. Road Tax

    Thanks for all the PMs regarding attendance at the forum pipe and Stockings party, I will get round to answering them all but please bear with me as there are so many ! ... and young Ross, one PM will suffice, you've sent so many you've clogged up my inbox. Mo 😉
  6. Road Tax

    MAMILISUVs are my worry Ross ! Peter, thanks for the offer but I prefer my fez, Paisley smoking jacket, favourite Briar and some comfortable stockings. Though I NEVER wear these whilst out cycling, I must hasten to point out. Like lycra these should only be worn in the privacy of ones own drawing room in the company of like-minded chums. Which reminds me that we must organise another forum Pipe and Stockings party. Mo
  7. Road Tax

    More men in lycra on bicycles is the future. Mankind is doomed. Mo
  8. Road Tax

    We were both drunk ...
  9. Road Tax

    I don't mind taxes or politicians, it's bicycles I can't stand. 😆 And Janet Street Porter. Mo
  10. Road Tax

    I don't think bicycles should pay road tax. I think they should be banned and melted down to make more cars. Thus generating more VED income which can be spent on more generous MP's expenses allowances and another 10% pay rise because they'e worth it. Mo
  11. Take the oil filler cap off, get someone to crank it over and see if the rockers are operating on crank. If they are not then your timing belt is broken. Mo
  12. Ignition wiring to heater motor

    Simon, A relay would seem to be the solution though unoriginal if that concerns you. Mo
  13. Look after our defenders

    If they nicked the doors off mine would I get new Puma doors as replacements ... Mo
  14. Turbo upgrade

    As will I ... Mo
  15. Defender First Aid Kit

    Nothing, just keep your AA card in your pocket. I used to carry loads of carp around with me, never used it so now I don't bother. Mo