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  1. Heated windscreen

    A bold move Ed 😊 Mo
  2. Breakdown cover

    I find the the insurance add-on recovery to be much cheaper than the AA and RAC et al and don't have the age restrictions that the big boys have, typically 10+ years. I have only needed it once, in Northern Spain, and they were prompt, efficiently conveyed my 90 to a suitable garage and followed up immediately afterwards with both myself and the garage to ensure the vehicle had arrived. Far better service than with the AA following a broken rocker shaft in Wales which was absolutely dire and incompetently handled. HTH Mo
  3. Lock up swivel

    Yup the cv is not properly seated. Take it apart again 😉 Mo
  4. 200tdi brake servo pipe

    The man who has never made a mistake has never made anything, as my dad likes to say. Mo
  5. Viscous fan coupling query

    Get the right viscous hub then you don't have to rely on corroded electrical connections to cool your engine. HTH Mo
  6. Exhaust to bracket which is bolted to block M6x15 😊 Mo
  7. A switch is a switch is a switch...

    There's a thread in the tech archive about the rear screen. Mo
  8. Bent steering rod

    You're a bad man, Scott 😂 Mo
  9. Bent steering rod

    Not really Stephen, make the bars so strong that they don't bend and the forces just move to the next weakest point. I have HD bars and I've bent the track rod (on the same stump that split my tank 😂) It's just that the ideal of making things as strong as possible is an all or nothing thing just like putting HD half shafts in your axles. You have to address all the weak points or you still have a weak point that can fail. Where do you stop. Mo
  10. Bent steering rod

    Well, I'd rather bend a track rod or a drag link than have to deal with a broken ball joint or swivel housing. At least I can straighten the bent bar. Mo
  11. What angle can you get to before tipping over?

    The posts above will give you a good idea but I've always found that your backside will give way long before the Land Rover does 😉 Mo
  12. 20amp aux fuse keeps popping

    If you can access them, unplug everything on that fuse and reconnect them one at a time until you find the culprit that's popping the fuse. Then you'll have to turn detective with the offending circuit to find the cause of the extra current draw and so determine why the fuse is blowing. HTH Mo
  13. I am, Stephen 😊
  14. Finished, Ross ? Surely not 😉 Mo
  15. I get more pleasure from tidying and reusing other people's old cast off bits than I ever would from buying new bits and bolting them on 😊 Mo