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  1. Mo Murphy

    Oil Change Complete with Metal Shavings

    Jim, a picture of the debris, size and amount with something for size reference would be useful. Mo
  2. Mo Murphy

    VDO sensors for 200TDI?

    I can confirm that Mr. Yak is not staying with me 😉 Mo
  3. Mo Murphy

    Truck cab headlining

    I have a LaSalle headlining in my hard top, very robust and tidy, I'd certainly get amother. Mo
  4. Mo Murphy

    Stop and tail LED bulbs

    I'm not a fan, though, of the cold blue white bulb, it doesn't really go with the 90's incandescent headlamps. I wonder if warm white are available ? Mo
  5. Mo Murphy

    Stop and tail LED bulbs

    Good job they're going behind a clear lens then Ross 😉👍 Mo
  6. Mo Murphy

    110 paint colour

    Russet or Roan brown. Mo
  7. Mo Murphy

    Stop and tail LED bulbs

    I don't doubt it, I've used Perei NAS rear lights on mine. I tried the Wipac NAS rear light but found it too directional and I didn't like being able to see the individual LEDs. The Perei lights are more expensive but the gem diffuses the light to make it less directional. Mo
  8. Mo Murphy

    custom dash project

    What progress Ian, surely the new job isn't keeping you from your project ! 😕 Mo
  9. Well, I've just made mine 👍 Love 'em or hate them, it's something I've wanted to do for a while and Oakmaster's musings have spurred me on. A couple of things I want to share is a) bulb length - LED bulbs can be quite long so measure the length between bulb holder and lens and compare with LED lengths on descriptions on ebay etc. before buying. Land rover lights vary in size according to manufacturer, and check both are the same (mine weren't !) It'll save tears before bedtime. b) I've switched mine from ignition live not engine running because for me it was simpler (I already have an ignition switched fusebox) and I could use just one normally closed relay to switch off the DRLs when the side lights come on. Hope that helps someone Mo
  10. Mo Murphy

    Stop and tail LED bulbs

    Why Ross, are LED bulbs racist ? 😉 sorted now, good old Halfrauds. Please don't post, anyone, how LED bulbs are illegal etc. I've read it a million times ! But I do have DRLs now. Thanks for your help. Mo
  11. Mo Murphy

    Stop and tail LED bulbs

    I want the bulbs for my drl project using clear stop and tail lamps in place of my side lights. Nakatanenga sell Drl LED side lights but at 70 quid each. Mo
  12. Mo Murphy

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Is that like brake fluid ?
  13. Mo Murphy

    Stop and tail LED bulbs

    Does anyone know of a reliable source of these that a) fit in a standard lamp (not too long) and b) illuminate appropriately ie. Dim on side bright on brake. Cheers Mo
  14. Mo Murphy

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    A mere boy, me. Possibly ... Mo 😉
  15. Mo Murphy

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Wasn't me ! Is this forum bullying ? RED CARD ! RED CARD ! I want to go to my safe room ! Where are all the bleeding hearts when you need them ? Mo

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