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  1. Blimey Rich, took you 5 years to answer 😂 Mo
  2. Tom IIRC, one bolts to the LH transfer box mount, one bolts to the A frame cross member and one to the LH side rear cross member. They are all available from LR HTH Mo
  3. IIRC Tom, chassis of that age have rear bolt on hangers. You'll need to do some research but I think it's the correct tree to bark up. 2012 chassis fitted to an older Land Rover is a whole new can of worms 😉 Mo
  4. Knobs, you can almost preview the whole defender bit of the show in your head. SPLASH - FAST - SLIDE THE BACK - SPLASH - FAST - ETC Mo
  5. She'll be besieged by people who think the rules don't apply to them 'because my mums in there' or who think they can get what they want if they shout loud enough and bugger everyone else. 🙁 Mo
  6. Alas only in Yorkshire or Kent, Dave, in which I am neither 🙁 Mo
  7. You're a vital cog Gary, money makes the NHS go round. Fare well in your battles 😊 Mo
  8. On the upside we're getting free drinks at Macs and Pret 😆👍 Mo
  9. You could always see if any local colleges are running courses on telekinesis. Just a thought 😆 Mo
  10. Have you examined the main earth cables yet ? Mo
  11. The power wire to the fuse box is about 16 mm2 or thereabouts with a 90° tag terminal with a hole big enough for the screws in the fusebox, M5 from memory. Picture in next post HTH Mo
  12. What part did you buy in the end DC ? Mo
  13. Get galv turrets paddy, they last longer. Mo
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