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  1. Mo Murphy

    Chinese diesel Heater under seat on a 110.

    Doesn't mention kittens on that bus ! I feel cheated now 😔 Mo
  2. Mo Murphy

    Forum relay Oxford ish to Southampton ish

    That would be great Harry, I'm off on the 19th and 20th so I could potentially meet you on your way home if we could arrange that 😆👍 Mo
  3. Mo Murphy

    Winters coming

    That looks nice and snug 👍 Mo
  4. Mo Murphy

    Cooling fans

    Another vote for the X-Eng temperature sender housing. Mo
  5. Mo Murphy

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Some few months ago, through work, I happened upon a chap who works on Land Rovers engineering team who is on the project. I voiced my Luddite views about the Defender but he reassured me that it still reliably leaks water into the passenger compartment 😁 Mo
  6. Mo Murphy

    300TDi Oil Leak Question

    Ah, the joys of a 300 tdi rear crank seal change ! Only use a genuine seal in my experience. Mo
  7. Mo Murphy

    Running cool or wonky temperature gauge?

    Can't guarantee the knuckles 😉😁 Mo
  8. Mo Murphy

    Running cool or wonky temperature gauge?

    The heater matrix is not a difficult job to do paime, 2 spanners out of 5. Being methodical and stopping air getting around the matrix is the key. Mo
  9. Mo Murphy

    When will it end?

    Perhaps you are right 😊 time will tell. Mo
  10. Mo Murphy

    Forum relay Oxford ish to Southampton ish

    If someone were to drop off something for Mike, is there a chance they could pick up a little bit of a fibreglass moulding from Mike for me ? 😇😆 Mo
  11. Mo Murphy

    When will it end?

    The idiots who pay big money and fuel this price boom will move on hopefully, once the new ''Defender'' comes out and the sheen fades from the ''classic'' 90 and 110. Mo
  12. Mo Murphy

    Air con dash panel

    ... and don't forget to disconnect the wiring and the speakers. Mo
  13. Mo Murphy

    Replacement for a NATO hitch on a Defender

    I bought a galvanised version rather than zinc and passivated, so it looks like this after 8 salty winters 😊 Mo
  14. Mo Murphy

    Replacement for a NATO hitch on a Defender

    I have the type that Zardos suggested above with the hoop. I can't remember what brand it is but the welding is good and it has served me well for tow recovery and acting as an anchor for winching and snatch blocks. Simple and effective, it's what I recommend. KISS is a good ethos to follow. Mo
  15. Mo Murphy

    Defender 110 TD5 2006

    Er, it doesn't have a steering rack. Mo

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