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  1. You know where bogmonster is, right ? Mo
  2. Wes, I think the old Defender did everything so well that they didn't really need to innovate, as deep has so eloquently explained. What it didn't do so well was have a more appropriately powerful powerplant, keep the occupants warm and dry and resolve electrolytic corrosion issues. Hopefully their innovation has been focused in these areas. Mo
  3. Change your lifestyle then Gaz, become wealthy and successful 😁 Mo
  4. Much more like what the new Defender should have been 👍 Gerry McGovern is a **** ! (Not that I'd ever say that, of course) 😉 Mo
  5. Ok so it won't have a separate belt then. I would be inclined to leave it until you drive it and see how you get on. Does sound like air in the system and changing the pump will just let more in. Mo
  6. Kevin, do you have a 200 Tdi or a 300 Tdi ? It makes a difference. If you're not sure, post a picture. Mo
  7. Is your power steering belt properly adjusted ? Mo
  8. I'm not surprised Allisport are looking after you, you're keeping them in business 😂 Looks really tidy 👍 Mo
  9. Blimey Mickey, theres a UFO under your dash! Mo
  10. I've got some of those too Mav, got them from George on the other forum. Haven't got round to pointing them anywhere yet though. Mo
  11. Oddly compared to Nick's experience they work a treat in mine ! I can also boost it a bit with the bilge blower. Mo
  12. I think I just got a bit of sick in my mouth 🤮 Mo
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