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  1. Those are dead. I'm sure they'll be fine for a few weeks just keep that screwdriver away from them 😉 Check YRM for replacements. HTH Mo
  2. Hmm what I expected of the reviews, 2 minor online motoring journalists preoccupied with water splashes and driving fast on and off road. I'm no wiser after watching these two examples of Land Rover sponsored self-gratification and ejaculation. Where's young drumstick when you need him? Mo Ps I did like the browny colour of the one in the second video but don't tell anyone I said that 😉
  3. Why bother with a lift ? All they need is some really long suspension arms to move the hubs outside the body and then fit tractor wheels. Probably need the sunroof then ... Mo
  4. 3ltr bottle ? Sitting alone in the park ? Mo 😉😁
  5. Why not cut the front filler neck out of an old 90 tub or skin, clean it up and rivet into place on the new skin. It wouldn't look out of place. I considered this when thinking about adding a second tank under the seat. In the end I decided a second battery box was more useful so it never came to fruition. Mo
  6. I've just read an article on BBC news about the export of old cars to Africa. They quote claims that these cars are dangerous because they've had certain systems removed and then crudely bodged to make good. They say that these items have great value on the salvage markets. I can understand cats and their precious metal content but they also claim anti-lock braking systems and airbags are also commonly removed for resale prior to export. Is there a market for secondhand abs and airbag components ? Mo BBC News - Climate change: 'Dangerous and dirty' used cars sol
  7. Could have used some of Ross' shiny stainless swivel seal securing rings too ! Mo
  8. Dear God, Monkie, have you no shame ? Mo
  9. IIRC we used to use a WD40 cap to seal off the drain when waterproofing as it was the same size. Mo
  10. IIRC (I dont have a TD5) it would be on top of the Lh chassis rail. Set your alarm off and follow the sound 😉 Assuming of course that a factory item is fitted. Mo
  11. I just disconnected each end and put the airline on the pipes to blow out the snot. Probably better to change the washer jets as clearing them can be problematic. HTH Mo
  12. Gary, your pipes and washer jets are probably full of the same gunk from the tank. Time to clean out or just replace. The other connectors are headlamp levelling and the alarm sounder. HTH Mo
  13. And you'll probably need to reconsider your gearing with 37" tyres, it'll almost certainly be too high. So budget for a 1.6 transfer box or series ring and pinions for the diffs. Mo
  14. I would have no qualms about using a helicoil. Mo
  15. It was both at the time 🤣 Mo
  16. Should be fitted to the wheel when made. I'm not aware of replacements available. It may be easier to source a another wheel rather than the prongs. There are are still plenty about. The prongs are available separately for late wheels but I'm not sure if they'll fit the old 4 spoke wheel. HTH Mo
  17. The oil seals everywhere from hub to crankshaft will thank you for the exercise. Mo
  18. How did I not notice that Ross ! 🤣 perhaps that's why they put the extra bits in ? Mo
  19. What Mike said above. The Station Wagon has additional structure here to support where boxes end. Mo
  20. Gaiters make wonderful mud traps to hold mud and carp in contact with your swivel ball. Mo
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