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  1. With all due respect Kev, take it all off, research - Britannia restorations on u tube is one, do it again knowing exactly what you are doing. Performing the correct set up is absolutely critical if you want drive it after you've finished. Don't forget to do the valve clearances once you've finished. HTH Mo
  2. Presumably thicker oil would help with oil pressure ? Mo
  3. It might be helpful to say what engine it is 🙂 Mo
  4. So potentially, driving on the torque with a heavy load behind may have caused it, perhaps then Dave ? I don't have an OPG but I suppose, in the light of your experience, that I really ought to be thinking about fitting one to my 200. Mo
  5. I have been warned by others in the past that letting a TDI lug at low revs, driving on the torque kills crankshaft bearings. I have never experienced this myself as I've never looked at my bearings but others must have experienced it to pass on the warning. Dave's experience would appear to confirm it. Mo
  6. ... or search eBay seller hairymonsterman. No connection other than as a satisfied customer 👍 Mo
  7. ... but that would have added a pound to the cost of making the vehicle, Dave ! Mo
  8. I have one of ghounds rear doors and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. They really are lovely but bloody heavy if you're hanging it on your own ! Mo
  9. Nevertheless people are still pleased with their performance Ross. Please let's not turn this into an IVA thread 😊👍 Mo
  10. There seem to be quite a few happy campers with these on the Defender 2 forum. I don't think I could stomach paying £60 for a pair of bulbs but those who have bought seem to think it's money well spent. Mo
  11. But they do so infection rate equals antibody rate after 28 days.
  12. Let's hope they go bust 😆 Then Ineos can snap up the name and the factories and build something a little more honest without job losses. Mo
  13. Mind you if you've been infected then you should have antibodies. Sooooooooo Surely the infection rate and antibody rate are one and the same ? Mo
  14. It would be such a faff hosing in a TD5 intercooler. I had a look at Uncle's old one but ... no. Mo
  15. I've split it Andy to show that there's about 30mm of length adjustment on the bottom UJ. HTH Mo
  16. Another vote for foam seals having used both. 👍 Mo
  17. A bit of a resurrection ! Is it the same circlip for a 200 Tdi ? Mo
  18. Much obliged to you all for your responses ! I've fitted a wide Allisport intercooler and I'm looking to increase boost to provide more air to burn more fuel. Currently it tops out at 14 psi which is a shade under 1 bar and pretty much standard. Just curious to see what others are running regularly and reliably. Allisport state that you need to increase boost to take advantage of the larger intercooler but offer no guidance on how much. Thanks to you all. If you haven't posted yet please do, the more information I have, the better idea I have of where to start. Cheers Mo
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