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  1. ... and just to add, that if you think what you have is perplexing wait until you start chuffing air out of your air intake 😂 Mo 😊
  2. By way of reference for you On my 200 Tdi, when I removed the pipe from the cyclonic separator to the air filter box and routed it into a catch can (seemed like a good idea at the time to reduce air filter Oil contamination) I observed oil expulsion from the the cyclonic separator o ring, from the dip stick tube and through the front crankshaft oil seal. All these leaks stopped once the pipe was replaced. I think that the Tdi crankcase is positively ventilated via the air box/inlet tract and without this ventilation one can perceive excess crankcase pressure. Without any of the above symptoms I don't think you are experiencing any pressure above what is normal for the engine. HTH Mo
  3. Good show Rich, glad to hear it may be sorted 👍 Mo
  4. That would be quite some die nut ! Mo
  5. Don't worry Carl, we all own bottomless money pits here. Mo
  6. You need to move with the times bushwhacker, no one off-roads land rovers any more. You need lowered springs, expensive alloys and LED headlights. Lots of those about 😂 Mo
  7. I'd be looking for another bulkhead to replace that one as the the rust will be much more widespread. As fridge has said, if you are not doing the work yourself then you've bought yourself a bottomless money pit 😊 Mo
  8. I'd be inclined to change the ATF in the gearbox and see if that improves anything and echo Uncle's advice about thrashing the nuts off it on the motorway, it's not a Mondeo ! Mo
  9. !!!! Ye Gods! Broken woodruff key, I take it ? Mo
  10. Have you slackened the 3 bolts on the fuel injection pump pulley ? If you don't it makes the belt really tight. Mo
  11. Have fun Ed 😊 Mo
  12. Like I said DC ... Magnet 😂 Mo
  13. Your problem is that the disco and the defenders rad positioning is slightly different, so you've been incorrectly informed as to their identical nature. Mo
  14. Ghastly looking thing, I've put a pitchfork in the back of the 90 in case one comes near. Mo
  15. Still no sign, disappointingly 🙁 Mo
  16. You may find out that big yank engines and their auto boxes are too long for a 90s wheelbase. Worth asking how long the rear propshaft will be. Mo
  17. At least you know it's got oil in it 😊 Mo
  18. DC is now the official forum leak magnet 😂 Mo
  19. If you use a VW 99 relay, a quick push on the end of the stalk gives a single flick wipe, holding it gives you wash / wipe. Mo
  20. Aforementioned soft bar and wallop ! Mo
  21. Do your flies up first ? Mo 😆
  22. 😂 I'm simply using the continuous improvement process Uncle 😊 As for carrying less, that would be a waste of that relentless wave of torque ! 😉
  23. Sean f on here makes holding tools to stop the crank rotating whilst you tighten the bolt. Worth a pm. Mo
  24. Thanks Todd, the picture of it broken down is useful 👍 Mo