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  1. I changed my LT77S for an Ashcroft rebuilt box a couple of months ago. The gearchange was very tight at first but over a thousand miles or so it has eased considerably and whilst still a little stiff still I expect it to continue to ease with use. I found the same with a previous gearbox from Ashcroft in about 2005, once again an LT77, which bothered me at the time but which eased with use until it was lovely. HTH Mo
  2. Multiple posts throughout the 64 pages of people voicing their dismay at the number of pages of the discussion. Which they've all contributed to by posting their dismay at the number of pages of the discussion ... 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Mo
  3. A strong rear cab bulkhead and some 4×2 thick wall box would, I'm sure, resolve strength and rigidity issues Mo
  4. I'm sure it would be nothing a 9'' grinder would worry about 😂 Mo
  5. I'm sorry, it wasn't really clear, do you have power to the positive terminal at the pump ? Mo
  6. Yup guys, same process, same poor result. Still, let's hope for Edsellike success ! Mo
  7. I'd call that prophesy then ! Just watched that film, the chap just spouts marketing bull**** to persuade the must-have-it-firsts with money that this is evoution. To me it's just another modern Land Rover range filler bearing absolutely no resemblance to its prior namesake in form or function. It's hijacking of the Defender name is just a disrespectful marketing ploy to make money from the heritage of a vehicle that was designed to be everything this new one isn't. Look at it through your rose tinted spectacles all you like but a Defender it isn't. That's fraud isn't it ? Mo
  8. I have a LOF one to go on which I bought with the clutch but I'm too lazy to fit it 😆 It's pretty good already with the LOF clutch and the standard LR over centre spring. Maybe one day I'll fit it, perhaps in the spring 😉 Mo
  9. ... or does the tdi just have more studs ? Got to be worth a punt to find out. All you need is a manifold gasket monkie 😊 Mo
  10. 19j manifolds are relatively plentiful though ... Mo
  11. I thought the wait and the speculation surrounding the new dashboard in 2005/2006 was much more interesting than that which surrounded the new Defender. And the result looked better too. Mo
  12. Ah thank you Ralph, very kind. It was actually rhetorical humour 😉 Mo
  13. What is tautological? The science of tightness ? Mo
  14. Nice to read a real world opinion on ATBs, Stephen, thanks. Mo
  15. Truth is most people switch off with an angry child, they're best left to stew on their own until they get over it. Angry children are ignored. Unless it suits you not to in order to gain temporary political kudos ... In which case it becomes shameful child exploitation. Mo
  16. I can only speak as I find CD but my experience is actual and neither anecdotal nor observed and experienced over a wide range of road types and off road conditions. Mo
  17. Just to throw a curve ball in but I have run Goodyear Wrangler MTRs for the last few years. They are a superb tyre on road and in the mud with a subdued tread pattern. Regrettably they have a relatively short life but you can't have it all I suppose 😊 I would wholeheartedly recommend them. Mo
  18. @pathfinder NJSS, If you read the entire thread the OP states that he didn't use the rotary coupler and just used thin wall wire for connections. Mo
  19. I always chuckle when our brothers from the N. American part of the world use the word 'tranny' 😉 Sorry Mike, I know in North America it's the shortened form of transmission but here it's the shortened form of transvestite ! Not really being very technical, am I Mo
  20. Thanks Harry, appreciate that 👍 Lovvers, my dear fellow, I am and I have 👍 Mo
  21. Come on Ralph, this is Richard ! 😉 Mo
  22. Mav, I'm using TD5 wiring in my 200, I would absolutely do it again. Bear in mind that I found it best to grab the 2 wing harnesses and rear harness to make it plug and play. Better connectors, newer wiring, better management of branch connecting using headers, econoseal connections for lights have all convinced me that I did the right thing 10 years ago. HTH Mo
  23. Jim, I use one shot in mine. When I strip it the grease is stuck to everything, especially the cv joints. I view that as a good thing for 35 year CVs ☺ However if oil or grease can leak out then carp can get in so if your swivel is good then it's time to take the pain and change the seal for a quality replacement (I use Corteco). It's a Ballache of a job but straightforward enough. While you're in there, tap Landroversforever for a pair of his stainless steel swivel seal retainers. These don't rely on leaking oil to prevent corrosion 😉 HTH Mo
  24. I used thread sealant on that stud Rich. Previously I'd noted oil just on the thread, not quite as bad as yours. Mo
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