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  1. I'm sure you can get some wider spacers for that 😜 Mo
  2. Not really a test drive then, more of a drive about ! I do like the Grenadier and I do hope to drive one for real one day. Perhaps at a dealer should I have a windfall. Mo
  3. Er I didn't watch it. Well, I watched the first 5 seconds and decided I didn't like him so I switched it off. 😁 Mo
  4. I got fed up with those corner fixings falling out so I put an m6 insert in the 2 corners and used a nice stainless pan head and a washer to secure them. Mo
  5. If you want to stop rattling pads why not drill a hole through the centre of the pad face, clear a little friction material away from the hole and use a machine screw to secure the pad to a strip of metal bridging the hole on the other side of the mounting hole ? Mo
  6. Blooming new fangled coilers 🤣 Mo
  7. I like 255s. An extra inch under the diff, a small upgear and they do fill the arches well. Mo
  8. I considered it James but decided that that section would be quite weak without it with the weight of a battery box on each side. So I left it and cut the section of the mat out instead. HTH Mo
  9. I had my valve guides done with those K-Line guides when the head was overhauled. Mo
  10. I've had 2 Bearmach fridges now. I sold the initial 40l one to buy a bigger 55l one. Both have kept food and beer reliably cold. Both were substantially cheaper than big name brands. I don't know what the current draw is on them. I'd buy again. Mo
  11. Do you still have the turbo on it Stephen ? Mo
  12. I don't know woody TBH. I suppose it all boils down to what you are going to use it for. What I did know was that I didn't want to pay 2 or 3k on paintwork and then drag it down a hedge. And I've seen that Hawthorn, blackthorn, bramble etc are not respecting of any paint, expensive or otherwise. Hth Mo
  13. Oh dear God ... 😳 Wouldn't you be better finishing the projects you've started ? 🤣 Mo
  14. The rollered coach enamel on my 90 is now 10 years old and requires repainting from 10 years of being dragged down hedges. Mo
  15. As I understand it, the whole LED legality thing applies to post 1986 vehicles. So as I understand it Joe, you can use whatever you like on the series one. Bulbs from Classic Car Leds, have, in my experience, outlasted cheaper offerings from ebay and Halfrauds (who were not cheaper and just sell cheap ebay carp at inflated prices) HTH Mo
  16. I really like the interior. The outside looks very good too. I think we should bomb the French factory though and go back to building it in Wales. Mo
  17. I think I'd feel naked without a spare !! 😳 Mo
  18. One of these Chubby ? 😁 I have a genuine one, £20 posted. Pm me if you'd like it. Mo
  19. I have the boab one. It's proved very useful. I've extended the hangers so I can get more light stuff up there when camping and because my LaSalle headlining is very abrasive. Mo
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