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Rear Prop

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After receiving my prop spanner (makes life so easy) I set to work getting the knackered prop off (proper collapsed bearing on a CV yoke).

Bolts off diff union no probs

First 3 off the transfer box end fine



...hmmm turns a bit too freely....

carp the nut is spinning like a gooden, The nut had been over tightened on fitting and nailed the nut / bolt thread.

Luckily I had pre-empted issues and ordered some replacement bolts so I ground the blighter off.

So I just need to... Oh wait the Philips headed bolts holding the brake drum are rounded!!!!

Off with the flange nut and off with the whole lot.

As there is a seal on the transfer box around the flange shaft it is normal for the box oil to come out? or is a deeper seal meant to keep it all in?

I wanted to change all the fluids anyway :P

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