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McNally Combo Guages


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Apologies for a "simple" / "idiot" post but I know there are a few folk on here who have fitted McNally Guages.

I bough the three combo guages from http://www.mcnallyelectronics.com

Arrived really quickly, I like the quality. I've drilled and tapped the inlet & exhaust but in the process of digging the fittings out, I've mixed the thermocouples up - I'd assumed they were the same as they look very similar and the wires are identical.

However, I've discovered that one of them is slightly longer and the little engraved part numbers are different.

I've got one PO7E339KDFA (Longer)

and two PO7E3469KDFA

Does anybody know which is oil temp, which is water temp and which is for the exhaust?

How far through the compression fitting do they need to go to be accurate? (The exhaust one is only going to be half way in...)

I have mailed McNally a couple of times in the past month but they have not replied, I'd like to fit them this weekend to see if the engine will start so thus this post.

Many thanks,

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Guest diesel_jim

Cool guage on their site... is that what you've got? (boost and EGT)

did you get it direct from them? i just sent an email asking about prices, but then re-read your post about them not replying :(

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They were brilliant with initial questions and delivery from the USA was very prompt.

My guages are: EGT & Boost, Oil Temp & Pressure, Water Temp and Volts.

With the thermoscouples, they come with pre-determined lengths of wire that you should not alter as it affects their accuracy (that was one of my initial questions).

I've fitted the guages in a Mudpod and will be wiring them ASAP.

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I used the long one for the EGT as it gets into the gas flow better giving a better response time, and then used the to shorter ones for oil and water.

They are all K type thermo-couples so should all give the same readings.

You can alter the length of the leads if you need to but you need to use the correct cable and connectors. (These are available from RS etc).

Jim the gauges are very good, I also have all three combo gauges. I have had no problems with the service from Dave at McNally's although it can take a couple of days to get a response by email in my experience.

mine can be seen here.


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