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fuel pumps


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fitted a new fuel pump about 12 months ago.......... driving yesterday, the range cut out and wouldnt start, so i listened for the pump running but nothing.

so next a checked the fuse, this was fine.... relay was also clicking so was probably ok.

so during the evening the pump was removed from the tank, connected to a 12v supply and it worked fine........ put it all back together and it running sweet.

i dont know why or what happened but im now reluctant to go off any distance just in case it happens again.

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V8 I assume.

The fuel pump cuts out with low oil pressure and I seem to remember the flapper air flow meter turns on the fuel pump when the engine turns over. Are you sure it was the fuel pump relay clicking not the ign relay?

I reckon your best bet is to go off some distance to see if it happens again (toolbox in back)

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Where does the relay live on yours?

If under the seat then it will be very prone to corrosion on the terminals so a good exercise pulling the relay in and out of the holder to clean the terminals then stuff some vasaline down inside the terminals. Same will go for all three units under there.


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