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Disco 200 TDI Rad into Defender 90


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I've been reading alot about this conversion lately on some of the very interesting recent topics about this conversion

So I brought a D90 with the conversion already done about a year ago

Have noticed the problem with rad and intercooler frame needing to be lowered this has'nt been done on mine consequently the rad frame top is above top of wing top

This is not a problen in its self as bonnet will shut although it there is a gap at the front where the bump stops have been adjusted to accomodate the rad frame.

I will lower rad frame and move back slightly when I fit a pto winch I have when time permits

My problem is that the top of the rad frame was not fixed at all they had not bothered to make up any brackets and relied on the hoses to hold in position ............. bear in mind I had it like this for about a year with no problems .......... have put a new rad in but the old one was on its last legs and sprung a very small leak

So I have now drawn up a couple of brackets and got made at work .............. our fabricators are use to cutting and welding RSJs rather than little brackets ............ the 7mm holes were drilled 2-3 mm out of position so adjustments at home to fit doh!

I had them made so they bolt onto the rad/inter frame pair of bolts on top at each end and then down to where bonnet stay retaining bracket bolts onto inner vertical face of wing ............... if that makes sence!

I think this will be ok ................ but have noticed that others have made up brackets with rubber grommit as generally indicated oin LR manuels but I think as frame has rubber gromits to rad and intercooler it should be ok

But I would value your opinions to see what you think

Oh yes I know a photo would explain but I forgot to take my digi camera tonight and as its in a lock up and cold tonight and won't get a chance tomorrow in London and then Manchester all day tomorrow............ bloody work


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It sounds ok to me Steve, as long as the Radiator and intercooler are mounted on their own individual rubbers. Not having brackets is bad, even though it's been like it for a year - the assembly would move backwards and forwards quiet a bit I would have though without them. What have you been using to prop the bonnet?

The anchor point on the left is also part of the bonnet stay assembly isn't it?

Les. :)

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Les thanks for taking the time to reply

The bracket for the bonnet stay is there and is inbetween new bracket and wing so have no probs with propping bonnet ............... although must say that usually prop it up with a pice of wood to open higher



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Steve, as Les says i dont think it will be a problem as long as points hes highlighted hold true. just make sure the int and rad bushes are in good nick (MPN 572312 (69p ea) 8 of) if required.

i don't think you can ever have too much isolation from the vehicle in this case which is why we went for an option to incorporate the top bushes as well.

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