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Transmission Vibration

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I know this is a recurring problem and each one is different so here goes.

I have a 110 with a 2.8tgv 380 gearbox and 230 transfer box.

OME springs and shocks have been fitted but with minimal lift, no more than 40mm. Lower front & rear top shock mounts.

No other adjustments have been made other than new polybushes all round.

The engine is smooth running however I get a vibration that feels as if it is coming from the transmission at speeds between 40-55mph.

It feels high frequency more like a buzz than a steering wobble.

I feel that the vibration as holding the vehicle back, its as though you have to push through a barrier to clear the restraint.

The steering wheel does wobble at 60mph, so I put this down to wheel balance (we run 265/75-16 BFG on 8" Mach 5's), which I will sort out next week.

When the vehicle was first back on the road after a comprehensive rebuild there was no vibration so what has happened to cause the current problem?

The rear props' rear u/j has a slight bit of play in it. Could this be the problem and or should I look elsewhere for a solution.

I know some of you have spent ages and loads of £££ seeking a solution.

What would he helpful is a check list of things to explore, starting with the simplest/most obvious/cheapest going up to the more obscure/expensive, so I can try and eliminate each solution one by one.

Your thoughts and ideas will be very much appreciated.


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This is vibration through the steering wheel or felt through the seat box or just hear?yep?

wheel balancing (swap front to back to see)

imagination (no offence meant - but i do convince myself at time things are wrong when they arent)

handbrake snatching - hot/warm drum - would also give resistance to momentum

Wheel bearings - unlikely

UJs may have play or may be locked solid (feel warm after use)

front or rear play in t box where props join

Is the steering wobble at 60 new or always been there with resistance to motion, has mpg gone up? top speed down?

does it do it every time 40-55 (eg power on)

does it do it 55 - 40 if not prob not wheel balancing/bearings etc

if it does it when acc/under load then drive train probs would be more emphasised - i think

well theres my initial thoughts

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