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non starting K


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Hi, long time reader /browser 1 realtime poster.

The scene here is a 99T freelander that had the belt tentioner fail. Had the head off 16 new valves and 8 guides later (£400 for the head work alone) put back together with a new belt ,tentioner and a modified gasket and it wont start.

we have fuel, + a spark.

i believe i was originally 180* out with the cams so i've spun them over and it still wont start. (allthough it will cough slightly) but still nothing.

I have spoken to a 4X4 specialist and he said he once had a modified gasket leak water? has anyone else had this?

tomorow i'm going to pressure test each cylinder and see if the coolant is being pressurised.

But other than this i'm at my witts end.

as this is not my car its my father in-laws i'm not really up on the freelander's K engine.

Is there anything in particualr i could have missed? anything special i need to do?

any help appreciated,



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No, as a matter of good practise i always spin any engine over by hand after any head work cambelt change etc etc.

But regardless i got it started.

The HT leads were not making proper contact with the spark plugs causing a poor or no spark.

people should beware when buying non original Leads as this was so easily done it was unreal.

cheers for the reply johny

And the gasket leaks water :@

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