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300 tdi starting sequence?


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i have just put a recon head on my 300 tdi and its all up and ready to be started.. oil is in, water is in, but leaking out of the P gasket, (but i'll sort that today..)

do i need to run through a sequence before starting it again after all the work was done? i've never owned a diesel before..

i have tried pumping the diesel through with the lift pump, but the lever feels all floppy and like its not doing anything.. is that normal?

how do i check the glow plugs?

and there's a single wire coming from a small bolt on the fuel pump that has been removed, and another piece of wire put in its place, but it goes nowhere..?? i'm assuming that its the fuel shut of solanoid?

to many wires and stuff all over the place!!! :blink:


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The foot of the lift pump is on the peak of the cam lobe. Rotate the engine 180-degrees and try it again. You can only bleed the system as far as the injector pump, but generally these engines start fairly easily after a few turns. Injector pipes will be empty and spinning the engine is the only way to bleed the fuel from the inj pump to the injectors. If you have a decent battery, then it should start after a few goes, otherwise a tow start will do it.


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oh i read ya..

i tried turning it over for a while yesterday, but nothing.. just taken the water pump off to get to the P gasket, but i cant see where it goes! what else do i need to take off in order to get to the P gasket?

how do i test if the glow plugs are working?

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it lives!!!

did the P gasket, put it all back together and it fired straight up bless!

one more thing.. whats the temp sensor in the head for? cos its not plugged in and it still reads on the temp guage from the little one in the thermostat housing..

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The one towards the back is for the EGR system - disconnect the whole system, likely not to work anyway by now and if working will certainly be causing trouble.

do you mean the temp sender in the head?

if i just unplug the vacuum hose on the egr will that stop it working and just leave the temp sender unplugged too?


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