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Oil Leak


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Hi all, I have an oil leak on the rubber hoses located underneath passenger side toward the front of the engine (hopefully that is clear enough)

Can anyone tell me what pipes these are, and if they are easy to replace.

I seem to have got a lot of oil leaks on the car since I had my cluth replaced at a garage, in particular, I have a fair old amount of oil leaking onto the rear of the handbrake drum, any ideas where this could be coming from?


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If it is leaking, then there is still oil in it!

Sounds like the leak at the front is power steering fluid - look closely and it will be red rather than black. It sounds like there might be a loose jubilee clip or connection if they took the engine out, however it may also be the pump.

The leak into the handbrake drum is the rear seal on your transfer box. This is complicated to replace - look in the tech archive.

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Only ONE leak :o

That's just not right at all !

oh no..there is more :) just these 2 are more then normal!

Thanks for the replies guys..had a feeling the gearbox would be an issue...one thing owning a disco has proven is if something is broken, it's always the part you don't want to break.

I'll have a good look at it later today, and yes, if I recall, the oil is red, and not as thick as engine oil

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