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disco windows


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hey all.

im wondering if anybody has replaced their rear o/s window with metal or any other means, i am looking to replace both of them to stop them getting popped outy when doing punch challenges. any help would be appreciated. :rolleyes:

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My Range Rover ended up with 2 sheets of perspex in the rearmost windows. Shatter-proof and still able to see through them - best of both worlds!!

Remove the window glass and trace around the glass onto the perspex, then slowly cut them out with s atanley knife and a straight edge. If the perspex is thick enough you won't need to do anything other than refit them. If it's thinner, just run a bead of mastic around the window rubber to keep the worst of the water out...

The mastic will also help hold a piece of string in the rubber, which, when pulled, makes the rubber flick out and the window sit in properly (if that makes sense...).

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