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Wiring issues!!

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Afternoon all!!

just trying to wire in a alarm to my 300 tdi defender and got as far as the two wires that i need to solder into for both sides of the indicators. On the RAVE software these are labelled as both being green with one with a red stripe the other being white. It shows switch hazard warning (S121) on the diagram, where is this on the vehicle?

Also i need to add a wire to the back of the ignition, the one that is live 'when the vehicle is crancking over. This is for the imobilisor, which wire is this, is it the white one with the red strip?

Many thanks in advance guys!!!


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White/red is indeed the wire for the starter, although you may need to check where abouts in the circuit you want to cut into it. You should be able to locate your hazard light switch without a search party. :ph34r:

Thanks for that! better get cutting some wires!!

Love it... i thought thats what it meant, just sounds better when someone else states the obvious for me!!!

Amazing, i can swap engines till the cows come home but the hazard switch, forget it!!!



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