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Erratic interior lights... !!


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Hi folks,

I seem to have a slight problem with internal lights on my 1999 1.8 petrol FL. It is something I've noticed for a while now but have only just got around to trying to sort out..

The interior lights come on when you open the door and go off when you turn the key and start the engine... If you then try and switch on any of the 3 front lights in the headlining, none come on.

The one over the rear seating area appears fine...

Any thoughts please....

Cheers, Phil

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Had a similar problem. It was caused by a dirty earth connection on the connector on the back of the lamp assembly. The plug on the PCB on the back of the unit has three connections, one earth (LH one with black wire) and two live - one permanent for the switches and one controlled by the CCU. I found a sooty deposit on the earth track of the PCB. Cleaning this restored normal working.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Folks,

Problem found and solved.

It was the connector (black wire) that connects on to the lamp PCB. For some reason just that one had become distorted and wasn't making contact but the other 2 were OK..

I reformed it and now all is well..



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