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Crazy-assed Disco


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I love my Disco, ...when she's not crazy. I replaced the two upstream O2 sensors, ignition wires, and sparkies... The thing runs strange. Starts perfectly, runs fine but then loses power, then can pick up crazily pulling like a train. It's completely unpredictible, it seems. Can it be a coil problem or bad wiring somewheres? It sometimes idles rough and other times quite fine.

I reset the mil light but it came back on. Oddly enough, it's not giving me any codes at the moment. I'll check for codes again after work.

Any suggestions would be greatly helpful. Thanks

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did it do it before you changed any of the said items??

i doubt your o2 sensors would do it, and the sparkies if they are correct will probably be fine too. i know the spark from dizzy to leads is the worst part of v8 landy's. so check they are seated correctly on the plugs, AND the dizzy.

if you still have the old ones, replace them one by one and see how that goes. if you are in any doubt about water/damp around dizzy/leads. be very liberal with wd40. you never ,mentioned if you changed the dizzy cap, if you did, did you seat it correctly and be very careful not to break the dizzy drive under the cap!!! VERY careful.

also, maybe you have stressed the coil pack which will cause this problem too.

best of luck, be patient as the v8's are such random beasts that dont like changes in ignition parts.

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