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Shroud on gearbox


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I was having a look under the car yesterday to see what I'd need to do the gearbox oil change etc, and I noticed that the shroud that covers the gearbox was not fully seated into its position, and had been tie wrapped by the mechanics who did my clutch change.

I've made several attempts to reseat it, but all unsucessful, but the problem is, this is rubbing against my propshaft which is now a polished silver.

Could this be the cause of the irritating grinding/awful audible rubbing noise I get on occasions (all can be felt through the clutch pedal aswell) and can I remove it without issue? Or, am I going to have to get it figured out, and clipped back in polace correctly?

I also noticed aswell, that when they did the clutch change, they used a screwdriver to relocate/prie apart the gearbox from the engine..how can I tell???? a lovely big screwdriver shaped notch dug out onf the mating face on the gearbox!!! Is this a problem, or should I be worried about anything..other then poor practice from the mechanics

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Bashing a screwdriver in to seperate the box from the engine is bad practice. You can manipulate the gearox with a jack to create a gap, then lever the two apart with almost no damage to the alloy. The sound/heat cover should have been fixed in place properly (but it's common to have to use cable ties). If you remove it - the transmission tunnel will get quite warm, which will affect the heat inside. There will also be increased transmission noise inside too.


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