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v8 3.9 alternator issue


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hello , i have a v8 3.9 disco es .1996

there is a new alternator fitted by garage before i bought it and i was wondering if there is any adjustment available to the drive belt as it seems to be a little bit tight and is making a hell of a whine through the alt and into my speakers . So the main thing i need to find out from someone (please) is can the belt be adjusted and if so how? many thanks phil

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The serpentine belt driving the ancillaries, including the alternator, has an automatic tensioner so there's no need for adjustment and there's no way to do that.

On the other hand, the whine in your speakers doesn't have a mechanical cause (it has nothing to do with the tension in the belt) but an electrical one.

There are 2 electrical noise suppression capacitors. One on the back of the alternator and one next to coils. Check for their presence (maybe the one on the alternator is missing) and try to replace them.

You can trace which of the two systems (alternator or ignition) is causing the electrical noise by removing the belt and start the engine from stone cold for 10-15 seconds. If the noise disappears then the alternator is the cause. If not, the ignition system is causing the whine.

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have tried and failed to remove the whine emminating from the stereo , its definately being effected by the alternator , i have a new suppressor on it and one on the coil , so i am stumped as to what to do apart from take it to uplands stereo and pay a fortune for them to fit /fix . has anyone had any problems installing a stereo in the v8 model? i dont know enough about the way it interacts with the discos own amps etc , could there be a conflict between a new head unit and the way the original set up is fitted ? cheers phil

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well , after 5 hours of cable tracing and locating the amp for the stereo its all done . bugger of a job . Japanese wiring is a nightmare and they are not normal stereo set ups. bypassed the main amp all together after i found it . managed to set off the crash sensor which did its best to annoy me but finally managed to reset it . i thought i had stuffed it right up . the sound from my pioneer head unit is awesome through the ES speakers .

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