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  1. Possible immobiliser issue

    Rapid flashing of the red led isn't an issue, what makes you think it is? As soon as u unlock with the fob u should be remobilised therefore u can gen the vehicle and start the engine, if there a delay in doing that after a short time the system will immobilise the engine indicated by the flashing key simbol in the dash, placing the fob near the ign switch will remobilise the engine again. As for a clicking relay if the was immobilised there would silence when tuning the key in the switch, so it the click is the starter relay clicking so do as stated in the post above, or with a piece of wire connect 12v to the starter solenoid . if you have an auto the EDC pump will also be controlled by the immobiliser.
  2. Discovery V8 Cat downpipe differences?

    The more expensive ESR3730P is for the VA vin vehicle onwards I'm afraid, the other is for the earlier vehicles. As you can see there's a difference in length between them.
  3. headrest removal

    Oh no it doesn't, this it the exact wording quoted from my copy "Raise the head restraint to its uppermost position and press the locking collar." If that doesn't work in releasing then you have a problem.
  4. Question for any audio experts

    Subs are mono, the rear loud speakers are stereo and a higher frequency. Installl a sub from the preamplifier of the head unit and adjust the gain according. No preamp then get a head unit that has one. Simples.
  5. Discovery series 1 3.9 v8 looking to buy

    Well I have had my D1 V8 for twenty years this month, although it hasn't done a lot of mileage the only time a spanner has touch it is in servicing fluids, filters etc and spark plugs + replacement of a water pump, when the bearing failed as 40k miles so I'm happy with the D1, as I was with my RR for the 10 years of ownership, but the cam failed with that vehicle at 100K mileseven though it was main dealer serviced all its life, I had that replaced and then I sold it a year later, again I'm happy with the V8. The cam can be replace with the engine block insitu. it will depend on what the vehicle has done in its life, number of owners, off reading, or on staying on the Tarmac like my disco what u pay and what issues you will get basically like any other vehicle. And they rust, so they tell me
  6. V8 exhaust clacking

    Manifold to Y pipe gasket is possibly again faulty. I had one fail a few years a go it sounded like a machine gun under load. I carried on with it for four months until the service was due when the gearbox fluid and filter was changed, as the exhaust has to be dropped, anyway it just cost me the two replacement gaskets and no additional labour charge.
  7. It's the seal that's letting water into the vehicle not the plastic clips that are retaining the roller sun blind. Look and understand the design on the sunroof, and then hopefully you'll then know why there are 'drains' only at the front. The ultimate solution is don't use the sunroof then they won't leak they are something I've never wanted, mine are only opened once a year for 10 minutes to clean and check, then shut so have never leaked
  8. D2, front sunroof, water leak down spindle

    Understand the design of the sun roof, then you will know why the drains are only at the front. They are not fitted in case the glass seal is faulty.
  9. D2, front sunroof, water leak down spindle

    There's just two seals used for the sunroof, the frame to the vehicles roof and the glass seal, so one of them is faulty, water as I'm sure u know will run to another lowest point before appearing.
  10. 300tdi revs dropping to 1500rpm

    Also, if you are finding it difficult to find a replacement throttle position sensor and therefore considering the mechanical system is included looking for a 1994 or 1995MY tdi auto as they were fitted with a mechanical system. Electronic Diesel Control came in with the 1996MY tdi auto to improve acceleration times by increasing engine power to 120bhp.
  11. Cooling fan

    The ac fan running continually for a short while after switching off is normal IF the engine bay and cooling system has a high temperature. Usually happens with my disco on a very hot summers day, ac on plus the two exhaust manifolds makes for a very hot under bonnet situation after a drive. If the ac fan is on all the time while the engines running then the only way to cancel it is to plug the system in to to a diagnostic kit.
  12. Fuel Filler Neck

    Petrol and diesel fillers are the same on the 300 series disco's, well they are in the UK .. http://www.allbrit.de/UNI.cfm?PAGE=807100&SPRACHE=EN
  13. Oil leak on a Disco... Surely not!

  14. 300tTdi Power Steering Pump

    There doesn't seem to be a service kit available, but the two links below show what an after market item would cost in the UK. Do u know any one n the UK who could receive the item and forwarded it on to you? I could give you an idea of the carriage cost if I knew the weight of it. http://www.paddockspares.com/anr2157-pas-pump-300tdi.html https://www.lrdirect.com/ANR2157-Pas-Pump-300Tdi-Rrds90-110/
  15. Cruise Control Switches

    Try these tests at the CC ECU which are for a UK spec D1 Ground Test - From pin 8 (black wire) on the cruise control module plug perform a continuity test to good chassis ground. Main voltage test - With ignition & cruise control system on, transfer in high (non difflock) & auto box in 'drive' connect volt meter between pin 8 (black wire) and pin 10 (white & yellow wire) you should have battery voltage if not check fuse. Secondary voltage test - Connect volt meter between pin 8 (black wire) and pin 9 (Purple & Green wire) you should have battery voltage if not check lock out relay or gear selection switch. Brake Pedal Test - Connect volt meter between pin 8 (black wire) & pin 5 (green & purple wire). Press the brake pedal, you should get battery voltage. Steering Wheel Set / Accel Test - Connect volt meter between pin 8 (black wire) & pin 3 (red & white wire). Press the Set / Accel button, you should get battery voltage. Steering Wheel Res / Decel Test - Connect volt meter between pin 8 (black wire) & pin 4 (blue & white wire). Press the Set / Accel button, you should get battery voltage. Vacuum Pump Test - Using a jumper wire connect pin 10 (white & yellow wire) to pin 1 (white & blue) this provides power to the pump. Then using a jumper wire connect pin 6 (black & yellow) AND pin 7 (black & red) to pin 8 (black wire). This should energise the pump & solenoid and the bellows should contract. Speed Sensor Test - Connect a volt meter between pin 8 (black) and pin 11 (yellow & pink), drive the motor around the block, voltage should increase as speed increases. Pete