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  1. So it looks if you have the EFI system up and running, so great, but now your concerns are the operation of a heated rear screen. Why not go back in time when such items were switched on with a dash switch, plus a lamp with a colour of your choice which was illuminated when ON, Is that not a simples way of achieving your objective. Plus if you feel that u won’t see the lamp illumination, move on a couple of years in time and interface a “timer” relay into the ignition supply circuit... Simples 😊
  2. Hi Nick As I’m sure you know, that’s a very good safety function, that the D1 has for the rear heated screen. The front heated screen also has the same feature, both are control by the D1s multifunction unit which also gives the heating time duration function for the two screens. So I suspect that the D2 doesn’t have that feature.
  3. Okay, but is there a question?
  4. teabag

    Electrical issues

    I don’t know what exactly the updated cream MFU difference is other that it has the timer circuit provision for vehicles with a heated windscreen if fitted. Ive seen a couple of posts saying the black replacement for the cream item had been fine. i had to replace my MFU in 2012 as it failed completely, £138 from Rimmer bros back then, so 15 years or so for an electronic unit that’s powered 24/7 is good, could be better maybe, depends on its use.
  5. teabag

    Electrical issues

    I assume that will be the rear fog lights and not the front, if so they are controlled by the vehicles multifunction unit (MFU) along with the interior light delay, key and lights on buzzer which are the obvious issues, plus a few other things like delay wash wipe, the MFU has a diagnostic test function ( Google for that) and check that the MFU is function correctly first as it’s a simple test done from the drivers seat. if okay then move on to checking earth connections, the main one in the engine bay plus the ones behind each kick panel in the footwells. D1s don’t normall suffer with dampness in the fuse boards unless the vehicle has been in water that deep but then u are in trouble elsewhere.
  6. U are not way off, but the only connection to the pressure switch is the dash lamp illumination. After the pump has primed it stops, it restarts as soon as the engine is running, switched by the ECU when pulses are given from the ignition coil to the ECU. The fuel pump and EFI/Main relays (AFU 2913L) are expensive new, so don’t break them, they are the only two of that type fitted. Also the D1 EFI engine is “hot wire” it always has been so don’t confuse it with the Range Rover 3.5 “flapper “ engine.
  7. My 3.5 EFI diagram shows the same connections. The 3.9 is similar.
  8. teabag

    L322 Central Locking

    The drivers door lock is can not only be remotely locked/unlocked but also manual locked/unlocked, therefore without testing to confirm it appears you may have an iffy drivers door lock actuator. I expect the actuator is part of the lock so if you find it’s the actuator that’s faulted the whole lock will require replacing. But it could be something simple, lubrication, detached part...but you’ll have to remove the door card to find out.
  9. teabag

    Odd Electrical problem - wipers and windows

    Iffy electrical connection maybe. Did u check the fusible links in the engine bay, some protect the feed to multiple circuits at the dashboard fuse box.
  10. teabag

    Overheating after top end rebuild

    Is it really overheating ie. boiling over, plus the AC fan switching on as it supposed to in an overheat condition, or is it that just the dash temp gauge going into the red ? You have eliminated any issue with the thermostat by replacement of the old one which is faulty being permanently open, in normal conditions that would mean the the coolant would be slow to get up to temp. If the water pump isn’t leaking, plus the impeller and pump bearing are intact there’s no need to replace the pump.
  11. teabag

    hot wire diagnostic

    No you will plug the diagnostic kit into the vehicles diagnostic socket that’s below the steering wheel on the left hand side.
  12. teabag

    Is This Genuine? 300tdi oil filter housing

    As the above post , they are a parts wholesaler, if you look at their site they will supply you with what u want as long as it’s made that is... so Genuine LR, OEM or pattern/aftermarket, take your pick... if u didn’t get what I asked for then tell them and send it back. Simples.
  13. teabag

    Discovery Interior light

    Yes the interior lights are switch by the BCU on a D2. (MFU on a D1) But let’s start with simple things first, is there a 12v supply at the light fitting ?
  14. teabag

    Disco 2 nudge bar instruction

    A great find fo the D2 owners that require such information,
  15. teabag

    Discovery Interior light

    There should be a permanent supply to both units above for the purpose of the manual switch. Do u have that supply at the fuse and then up at the both lights.

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