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  1. There doesn't seem to be a service kit available, but the two links below show what an after market item would cost in the UK. Do u know any one n the UK who could receive the item and forwarded it on to you? I could give you an idea of the carriage cost if I knew the weight of it. http://www.paddockspares.com/anr2157-pas-pump-300tdi.html https://www.lrdirect.com/ANR2157-Pas-Pump-300Tdi-Rrds90-110/
  2. Try these tests at the CC ECU which are for a UK spec D1 Ground Test - From pin 8 (black wire) on the cruise control module plug perform a continuity test to good chassis ground. Main voltage test - With ignition & cruise control system on, transfer in high (non difflock) & auto box in 'drive' connect volt meter between pin 8 (black wire) and pin 10 (white & yellow wire) you should have battery voltage if not check fuse. Secondary voltage test - Connect volt meter between pin 8 (black wire) and pin 9 (Purple & Green wire) you should have battery voltage if not check lock out relay or gear selection switch. Brake Pedal Test - Connect volt meter between pin 8 (black wire) & pin 5 (green & purple wire). Press the brake pedal, you should get battery voltage. Steering Wheel Set / Accel Test - Connect volt meter between pin 8 (black wire) & pin 3 (red & white wire). Press the Set / Accel button, you should get battery voltage. Steering Wheel Res / Decel Test - Connect volt meter between pin 8 (black wire) & pin 4 (blue & white wire). Press the Set / Accel button, you should get battery voltage. Vacuum Pump Test - Using a jumper wire connect pin 10 (white & yellow wire) to pin 1 (white & blue) this provides power to the pump. Then using a jumper wire connect pin 6 (black & yellow) AND pin 7 (black & red) to pin 8 (black wire). This should energise the pump & solenoid and the bellows should contract. Speed Sensor Test - Connect a volt meter between pin 8 (black) and pin 11 (yellow & pink), drive the motor around the block, voltage should increase as speed increases. Pete
  3. They call that progress you might find more info here: http://www.discovery2.co.uk/waterpump.html
  4. When I replaced my water pump I just use a dab of grease on both sides of the paper gasket, for the screw threads I just use waterproof thread sealant, purchased in Halfords. That was four years ago and no issues.
  5. The passive immobiliser (spider) came in with the TA VINs, the active system that u have can be set and unset with the key in the drivers door lock, or a fob if u have one, fobs were an option on some models so u don't really need it if it's faulty as u can still use the key. So have u tried unlocking with key and fob? does the central locking work ok as that also controls the immobiliser function. Hazards flashing has nothing to do with immobilising, and will only when alarm has been activated along with the horn sounder, so possibly your security system in stuck in an alarm condition and the sounder part isn't working. Are u sure your vehicle is immobilised and it isn't a iffy link to the starter or switch. Other than u or someone needs to do some testing.
  6. RAVE or search Land Rover Topix. https://topix.landrover.jlrext.com/topix/content/document/index?groupId=1665 Discovery 2, then year, then documents and take you pick as there's a few bull and A bars listed.
  7. There's only two drains at the front one at each corner of the sunroof, for the front they are within A pillar and not accessible, for the rear the ends can be seen hanging down at the rear and up above the each mudflap on a D1 so should be similar on a D2. Why do you think you will have to blow them out? They are sealed nothing can get in when the glass is closed.
  8. With the EDC system there's no mechanical link (cable) between the accelerator pedal and the fuel injector pump, hence the term 'drive-by-wire'.
  9. Speedo has dual speed markings, so not an issue in the UK at MOT time, radio frequency is wrong for U.K. so just replace the head unit to one with UK spec, I understand if it's a Tdi the exhaust pipe at the manifold end is different to the UK system, something with emissions in Japan, if and when it due for replacement just fit the UK system. Finally the Japanese security system isn't as comprehensive as the uk system either the alarm or immobiliser part of the system is missing. As "for parts of the loom, etc" ??
  10. Do you have the throttle cable if no you have EDC, no need to go under the dash removing the kick panel.
  11. The paper catalogue is much better it. As more info in the front half dozen pages before the parts bit, also I find it quicker to search through.
  12. Not the 1995MY but a1996MY built in 1995 then yes, as alway there's two model years per year. As an example when I purchased my D1 alongside it was the 1998MY D1 both he same price, but there was a deal to be done with the outgoing model, so for me, that was £5000 off, or to be exact a load of extras and two years free servicing.
  13. The 1996MY D1 was in the showrooms in June1995, hence the vehicle being built in 1995 the VIN is MA. Just to add as I was looking to purchase a disco back then, there was few other important changes made to the 1996MY, which continued through 1997 until changes were made again when the 1998MY D1 was introduced.
  14. No EDC fitted to 1995MY tdi auto. EDC was introduced and fitted to 1996MY tdi auto model's onwards. So will only comment on vehicle with date as stated.