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2wd Gearbox for Rover V8


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I am in the process of buying a landrover based safari style racer. :D It is based on a range rover chassis then with the normal roll cage etc.... and it's mid engined. :D It used to run with a 375hp turbocharged cosworth engine and gearbox then into a remote transfer box. The engine and gearbox were sold separately.

I have got a 3.5 V8 to try in it initially. The only issue is what gearbox to bolt the engine to that will then be suitable for a propshaft take off to the remote transfer box. Preferably I'd like to run an autobox and a cheap one! :rolleyes: Plan is to fit a different engine later on so this is only for trial.

Any suggestions?



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Assuming it's rear engined rather than mid, the first thing I would consider is the transmission tunnel. Not too much of an issue if it's just a couple of bits of angle and ali plate, but if it's intricate they can be a lot of work to modify. So best to get a box that will fit what you have.

Cheapest option for an auto would be the box from a SD1 Rover, I would have thought.

Finally, when you make the engine mounts they should be captive (if you are racing it). Most people use the axle end of a trailing arm and a bracket.

Good luck!

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Thanks Steve. Can't see any SD1 boxes on ebay at the moment but hopefully one will turn up! The vehicle is indeed rear engined. Apparently it used to run with a modified bedford CF box - seemed an unusual choice to me. :unsure: My brother is going to do the work on it. Needs a refresh of paint, new seats fitting etc.... Will tell him to use captive engine mounts.

Will post photos once I've picked it up.


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