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good or full of wind

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Heelo all

I want to shure up the 110 when its loaded up and was pointed in the direction of Polyair bags in the back springs of the 110! I have had a look at them and wanted advise off anyone who was using them? Also while looking in to them some one from ARB pointed me in the direction of a make called airbagman, who are made by Firestone, he said that the valves are a bit dodgy on the Polyair ones and thus the Firestone ones are much better??????

Also do they work are they worth the cash for what they do???

Thanks for any input

Yours tedsmart

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Polyairs do have a bit of a reputation of failing occasionally where they feed into the bag, and some people have used them for fifteen or more years and never had an issue. A mate of mine went through two sets in the back of his Patrol cab chassis over two years. In the finish he dumped them and just installed heavier springs.

However, if I was to purchase some I'd go for the Firestones from here http://www.truckspring.com/

Much cheaper, even with the drop in the Pacific peso. A lot of AULRO members have bought from there.

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