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**** INDEX of popular FAQ and Modifications ****

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Below is a helpful Index to some of the more popular and useful posts in the Tools & Fab Forum

This is complementary to the Technical Archive section which you should also visit and study,

there may be some duplication, but better to have something twice than to miss it - "Enjoy" :)


Tools n Stuff

Tools Sizes for specific Jobs on LRs

Make your Own V8 Rover Oil pump primer

Make your own Series drop arm puller

Make your own V8 Crank pulley Puller

Make your own Series shock absorber pin fixer

Trick for tapping out hard to access holes

How to sharpened drill bits

Gapping plugs - simple cheap tool

All sort of Home Made Equipment - Tools - Projects

Make your own Dimple Dies

More Dimple Tech

Do your tracking on your own

DIY Brackets

Making Leaf brackets on a Coil Sprung axle

Modified Cross members - Outriggers etc

Making a Rear Winch Bumper - HD Rear Crossmember Selection of options

Usefull Downloads

Zeus HandBook - Dowload your copy here

All things"Roll Cage"

Ooooo Ahhh You want to make a roll cage

Tools Tips Welding Tube work help

Make your own roll cage tube notcher

This makes tube notching shapes for joining all angles of tubes together

Home Made Tube notcher - sander


Buyers Guide to Buying a MIG Welder and Member Models used with Pros and Cons

Help with learning to weld upside down


Snorkel - DIY making of (1)V8 Freaks - Les Henson

Snorkel - DIY (2) HFHs - There are others on this do a search

Workshop Projects

Making your own Workshop Heater - Wood Burner stylee

More DIY Heater build project

Make your own workshop storage - draw system

More 'Make your own Storage' - some workshop some 4x4 based

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