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New Air filter box for 2.8 engine

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I am changing the air filter for my International HS 2.8 TGV engine.

I had the original square and relatively small Td5 air filter installed (my truck was a Td5 until the previous owner installed a 2.8 TGV engine) and now I have decided to adapt the cilindrical and much bigger air filter that came with Ford Ranger 2.8 pickups (same engine) until recently in South America. This air filter has 85% more surface area than the square Td5 filter.

I have purchased the new F Ranger cilindrical air box and filter in a Ford dealer and I am currently adapting it to my Defender 110.

I thought about installing the original 300 Tdi cilindrical air filter but it looks like the Ford Ranger filter is even bigger so I decided to go for it.

My mechanic is suggetsing using PVC pipes (sold as water pipes) which are 8cms in diameter (which is the diameter of the exit pipe in the Ford Ranger air filter box) in order to make the connection betweeen the air filter and the VNT turbo because the original Td5 flexible black air hose is not long enough.

My first question is: are PVC pipes OK for this job? Should they do OK with the relatively high temperatures of the engine bay? He is planning to glue these piepes together.....

The job seems is pretty staright forward but is delicate since any mistake may be risky for the engine in the future if anything fails.

Any other considerations I should bear in mind for this job?

I have seen some pictures of 2.8 engines in Defenders and it seems some people have used stainless steel pipes to make the connections. is this the best (and most expensive) way to go about doing this job?

ANY suggestions or comments will be of great help.

THANKS in advance



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If I had a mechanic that was going to glue pvc drainpipe together to connect my airfilter to my turbo I would be looking for a real mechanic, with atleast basic welding skills. Stainless 76mm a few bends and a bit of straight tacked together and then mig'd. you could buy more tube and use it to make a proper exhaust. There are some who think drainpipe is OK but I'm not one of them.


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nowt wrong with the PVC water pipe in my opinion, its not pressurised, as its just the turbo intake, although i cant really see the point of the entire exercise... The TD5 filter is good for 200hp, so i cant see it being an issue on your 2.8TGV.

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Thanks for your opinion Aragorn.

I am afraid you may be right and it was not necessary to do this but I ahve met many others saying te opposite. Since I could not come to a definite answer I decided to give it a try. Some people scared me saying this filter (Td5) is way too small and that it could eventualy collapse.

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Original Ford Ranger 2.8 TGV air box and air filter installed and working.

Initial driving suggests significant change (for the better) in high rpm's, like the engine makes less noise and increases rpm's much faster and easier than before. Feels like the engine is willing to go faster. Seems like road drivng will be significantly improved.

Need more testing but preliminary test indicates Td5 air filter was TOO SMALL for the 2.8 TGV engine.

The Ford Ranger 2.8 TGV air filter is similar in size and shape to the 300Tdi air filter, perhaps even a bit bigger.

2 pics below:




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