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Bellhousing Lengths


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I'm trying to get some figures for the length of the bellhousing of a 300 Series Discovery V8...

I've been trying to work out the best way to sort the bellhousing for my V8 conversion, at the moment i have a disco 200series V8 housing on the front of a defender 300TDi R380, with this combination the bellhousing is too long and would require me to cut the housing down to adapt it to the audi motor. I have spoken to an engineer about cutting/welding this housing and he wasnt too keen, pointing out i've no idea of the properties of the original housing and its suitability to be welded. He suggested trying to go down the adaptor plate route which can be bolted between the engine and some existing bellhousing, as this way your fully aware of the properties of the joint and can be reasonably assured of the joints strength.

I've had a think and realised that the 300Series disco might just fit the bill... The 300-V8 uses the R380 box which is 25-30mm longer than the LT77, however afaik the engine is in the same place, meaning the input shaft and bellhousing will be ~25-30mm shorter which would be just about perfect.

So does anyone have a 300 Series Disco V8 housing to hand that they could measure the length of for me?



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