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Poor starting - 2.5 na diesel

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Hi, just after guidance or tips, but I'm flummoxed! The first start up of the day of my 2.5 diesel is prolonged & tortuous, but eventually after turning over for an age all is fine. All subsequent starts are fine even if left for some time & with the engine cold as a very cold thing, so I'm sure it is not heater plugs etc. I have replaced the lift pump for the later 200 tdi type and I feel things are marginally better. But again after being left overnight I have the same issue of difficult starting. Once started it runs beautifully, pulls well etc. Any ideas as to how to locate the cause of the ingress of air? Or are there other likely causes? Thanks in advance. Diesel66.

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Air can get into the ystem right from the tank (perforated pick-up tube), and at any joint after that. Look for damp patches at all the joints. Poorly seated fuel filter is a common place for air to get in as well. Have you checked your glow plugs are working?


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Hi Les, I have checked the supply to the glow plugs but not each individual plug, but had dismissed them as the cause because even when cold, later in the day, the engine starts almost instantaneously. The difficulties are only present when left overnight or for many hours. Is my reasoning correct? I have new glow plugs which I have bench tested, so I could swap them out anyway, just to see. Many thanks & kind regards, Diesel66.

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