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3.5 EFi Starter Motor - solenoid connectors and worn bolts


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I'm confused... there appear to be 4 connectors on the starter motor solenoids.

1 battery and alternator

1 to the motor

and two smaller ones. I'm guessing one of these is the +12V from the relay that activates the solenoids... what's the other one.

And the second question... the top bolt holding the starter motor in place is stuffed (a process started by whoever touched it last and finished in my attempts to get it out).

Does anyone know where I can get a stud extractor big enough to go over the head of the bolt? 12mm is the largest I have and it's not big enough... Or failing that, any other good tricks for getting it out without taking the engine out first?


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The spare terminal I believe is to bypass the ballast resistor to the coil on older (carbed) vehicles.

I had a stuck bolt on my starter once, ended up borrowing an electric needle file and taking the head off, I think followed by welding a nut to it once the starter was off and unbolting it.

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