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Flywheel CLutch Cover Locating dowels


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Hi Gents,

I am looking to get my flywheel lightly skimmed as I am fitting a 130 clutch and want a nice clean mating surface.

I will need to get the locating pegs/dowels pulled out and new ones inserted after the skim.

I can see them on the Microcat diagram but unable to get a part number or reference for them.

Anyone else know what the right name / part number they are and where you can get them?


G :)

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Never mind - they are all 'Dowel - flywheel to crankshaft' (incorrect description). Part number 502116 x 3

Les :)

What a dope!!! its a 200TDi :blush:

I did spot the Dowel, flywheel to crankshaft a week or so ago looking on Microcat but double checking last night it appeared on the diagram like a locating dowel for the Flywheel to the Crank rather than a dowel on the flywheel face for the clutch cover.

Thanks Les, I will order a couple up


G :)

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