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38" bogger

yella 90

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does anyone know the true size of a 38'5x11 bogger ?

and how much has to be chopped off my 90 to get them to fit ?


37" tall, tread is 9" wide (where it meets the ground) and the tyre is 11" wide at its widest (base of the tread). If you were more local you'd be welcome to pop round and do a trial fit.

How much chopping??? Lots! You'll also be pretty much at the limit of the bulkhead outrigger if you run a decent amount of rim offset. Also bear in mind the Rover drivetrain (even with uprated bits) won't like it very much.

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9" of tread on such a big tyre, dont they look odd :blink:

ive got all ashcroft stuff atm and broke stuff on simex, so id expect to brake stuff with bigger tyres <_<

offset wise im running mach 5 beadlocks with spacers :blink:

chopping im not bothered about, ill just run with no inner wings on the front, would a extra in of lift help out abit :huh:

outrigger wise, ill chop and mod that like the rest of the heap :lol:

a friend is running 38s and when stood next to them they didnt look massive :unsure: but there 13" wide aswell so i guess that would hide how tall they are


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