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  1. OK with me. I'll then take you out in my little green fibreglass thing (295 bhp/tonne) and return the favour. Not much progress from my end, I'm afraid. Quite the opposite, in fact, as I've 'acquired' a ball and chain in the last couple of months.....
  2. They're produced by ICON in the US but you can get them over here through Wrex Racing. The joint itself is something you can get off the shelf from all the usual suspects (FK, NMB etc).
  3. Thanks very much - just what I needed! Now time to draw up some high misalignment spacers for these (you can't get them off the shelf):
  4. As per the title - I'm looking for the width of the chassis end bush so I can whip up a drawing but I'm miles away form anything Land Rover based so I can't measure it up easily. TIA
  5. After a fashion.... I don't get on here much these days - life's pretty busy at the moment.
  6. You know the rules Mr Barker - no driveypoohs = vapour. (not that it's going to help me have a truck running before you...) It's going to be a cracking engine you've got there - true, it's not a Gen III/IV Chevy, but it's going to make healthy numbers (and it's going to give your drivetrain a hell of a hard time). Have you got the dyno printout - it would be very interesting to see as the torque figure seems pretty high compared to the power. I wonder whether that's because you're hitting the flow limits of the heads at around 350 bhp.... Not that you really need more - even in a race car, the high 400's I should have will be, frankly, scarey. It's going to faster than my Lotus in a straight line FFS There's just the minor issue of finishing it...
  7. Chop chop, Nige! [running to hide for cover]All these excuses and lack of progress - looks and sounds like vapour to me [/running to hide for cover]
  8. Rob, shake down may be a little limited but I'll have to wait and see. Daan, weren't the pictures at the top enough?!?!?!
  9. Ross, don't worry, no Lotus was harmed in the making of this thread! Bill, don't worry, I'm getting a move on. I really hope it's worth the wait...
  10. Well, I've shown I'm alive but clearly I need to get back to the drawing board!!!! Nige is missing some of the crutical background to this. Me, get up on Sunday morning and think "I'm off to Sodbury and on the shopping list is a transfer box or two, I'd better take some sort of trolly." I rummage around in one of the barns and I find said trolley with very flat tyre. I try putting a bit of air in the tyre. Will it hold any??? Will it ****! "Hmmm", I think to myself, "is there anything better I could take?" I decide there isn't and take the old dog anyway the basis it might be useful. So, I get to sodbury and I find no suitable transfer boxes until I get to the bottom of the field. There's a pair there of the right ratio and the guy wants £30 for them. Sounds good to me as I only need them for a few parts. I think to myself, do I go and get the trolley or bring the car in. I sepak to the guy on the entrance - no cars are allowed in to collect for another two hours. OK, then - time to get the trolley. Even a dodgy trolley is better than carrying two transfer boxes! This proved to be correct... but only just!!!! Anyway, everything got out of the site safely (even after a very unusual roll as the vehicle didn't roll onto the side with the flat tyre) although I was a little worried about Nige and Jon - that amount of laughter cannot be good for them!!! Next time out I will hopefully be showing off something I can be a bit more proud of!
  11. ... but the divorce the follows is not! I should be there - I've got some bits to find.....
  12. Excellent! I'll get an entry form in ASAP - that should focus my efforts on getting the car finished!
  13. Neil, just to confirm the technical regs - the materials requirements are the same as the cross county regs in the blue book, aren't they? ie either materials complying with regulation K1.4.1 or BS1387 (ie blue band) but any cages made using blue band has sizing restrictions relating to vehicle weight.
  14. :lol: It'll be a case of eat my dust once vapour fully condenses. Seriously, it looks good, Nige. You're going to eat your drivetrain!!!!
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