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Side lights on disco 2


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hello folks,

yet again the helectrikery of the disco 2 confuddles me!

just had the disco MOT'd and got an advisory that the front sidelights dont work. He`s checked the bulbs and they were fine and couldnt find any of the fuses in the box that relate to the side lights, so he was a bit stuck on what might be causing no sidelights at the front. (work fine on the back).

however he did notice that 2 fuses had blown - but nothing seems to be amiss though, very strange. There was a 40amp fuse that had the icon of a radiator with a fan in front of it - but the disco has a viscous fan. :blink: and one of the fuses that has the icon of a book had blown too.

he`s replaced both fuses, but nothing seems different to before, so no idea what those fuses do. But the front sidelights still dont work.

any ideas what i should be checking would be muchly appreciated, as although he gave me an MOT - he`s a mate and i regularly see him and he`ll smack me one if i dont fix it sharpish!



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