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Intercooler on a Series IIa


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Hi all,

I’m currently working on a series IIa which I have just installed a Discovery engine in place of the 2.25 petrol.

I’m now up to the part of thinking how to install the intercooler, my first idea was to go down the route of using a 300TDi intercooler beside or in front of the radiator.

Since this I’ve just purchased a MR-2 intercooler off the internet auction house for 99p, and appears it will fit between the headlight and radiator (If my measurements are correct) and pipe work will fit straight to the intercooler nicely. The only thing it comes with a fan, is it worth keeping the fan on the intercooler or removing it?



If it is worth keeping, I can move the radiator slightly to install the intercooler along with the fan.

Any advised would be much appreciated.



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gary, if you dont mind me asking could you post the sizes of the intercooler? kinda looks like what i need....as for the fan i would imagine it could help drawing cold air over the cooler in slow speed situations.

14" x 14" x 10" including the fan, width without the fan is around 3 1/2".



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I'd imagine whether or not you keep the fan will depend in the position you fit the intercooler. In the MR2 Mk1 the intercooler is horizontal over the engine so gets little in the way of normal air flow.

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I would run a flatter fan to gain some space, but if its in the airflow than i would not do it. I had a fan installed in my 200 conversion actuated by boost, the reason i had mine is that the intercooler was at a 45 degree angle in the engine bay, so it had little air flow. I have now gone to a td5 intecooler accross the front.


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