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Redline Shockproof Gear Oil vs Amsoil Severe Gear Oil

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First of all, I hope I'm not starting a religious war here over which brand is better.

I'm currently using Redline Shockproof Gear oil for diffs, transfer box, swivels etc. The reason I am considering the Amsoil is that I came across a supplier nearby, whereas for Redline I need to travel to the other side of the town.

The other "problem" I've discovered with Redline Shockproof is that it's so thick and sticky that the oil level drops after you fill it up: you top it up to the plug level, but then a sizable portion of it sticks to the gear when you start driving so that you'd have to recheck the levels and top them up again (perhaps it's an urban legend, since I haven't checked my levels yet).

So, my question is this: is the Amsoil Severe Gear Oil as good as Redline Shockproof Gear Oil?

The same question goes for gear box oil: is Amsoil Synchromesh Transmission Fluid a reasonable replacement for Redline Synthetic MTL?

Thanks in advance,


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wow - all sounds expensive!

i just stick in standard mineral ep90 of the appropriate specs and change it once a year instead of every ?k miles. Its that cheap to buy (£35 for 25l) i dont mind doing it every 5k miles/12 months. Might not be as flash or long lasting as the redline stuff, but as it gets changed so often i dont see it causing my transmission any harm.

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