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Galvanising Problem

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I recently purchased a land rover 90 and the bloke who had it before me had had the chassis galvanised. Unfortunatly when the galvanising was done the chassis numbers were not covered to protect them from the molten zinc from cover them. Does anyone have any clues on how i could remove the galvanising without removing the chassis number as well??

Thanks Duncan

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A friend who works on traffic told me they don't even need to look at them now, apparently they have a machine which they can roll under the vehicle, and it sends a kind of ultrasound beam across the chassis and bulkhead and reads them that way, he said it even works if they've been ground off as they're moulded into the chassis steel.

apparently they could be removed by heating it up and deforming them but it would read the distortion in the metal, and good luck explaining the reason that'd been done to the law!

they might be carp at catching them and locking the thieving little b******s up, but they're getting bloody good at knowing a nicked one from genuine.

but as western says, if you really want them visible a wire brush drill attachment should do it, just be careful not to go too far down!

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