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P38 Cruise Control


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When I bought my P38 it had a dead engine and a multipoint bodge LPG system with holes drilled into the Plenum body.

RPi fitted a new 4.6 Cosworth engine in place of the 4.0 which had a cracked block in the usual place. I sourced a second hand plenum from ebay which fitted fine. Unfortunately the throttle body of the replacement came from a non cruise control donor so I lost the linkage needed to connect to the vac servo cable which lies alongside the standard throttle spindle link. RPi binned the old plenum as it was US.

I don't run LPG as it is unavailable in Cyprus for road fuel.

Please can someone sell me or tell me where I can get the parts to get connected.

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all you need is the bellows and the link rod which is the same as the classic as well i think there are a few on ebay will have a look in my garage as i mite have one too cheers stuart

Hi, thanks for the offer, I already have the original bellows and rod assembly plus a spare, the bit Im missing is the connection on the throttle spindle as the non Cruise plemum/throttle body are different only having one attachment to the spindle for the accelerator. Thee cruise model has two attachment points in tandem but swing the spindle independently.

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