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Time for new shocks

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Need to fit new shocks to my 2001TD5 110. Its fitted with HD springs all round with helpers in the rear and has a winch on the front. Spend most of the time running around empty or very well loaded up. Anybody got recomendations on make and length that hopefully wont break the bank if thats possible with a landrover

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I thought that my 110 with 130,000 on the clock might need new dampers, but I cannot get it to fail the sring-y-ness test.

I decided to keep pennies in my pocket.

Do yours not damp any more ?

This is what my local dealer sent me a few months ago:

thanks for your enquiry , reference the parts you require I priced up BRITPART PERFORMANCE SPRINGS standard height suspension and standard oil filed heavy duty shock absorbers (BLACK ) .As you may be aware britpart also offer their SUPER GAZ and CELLULAR DYNAMIC range of shock absorbers ,it might be worth you having a look at their web site for more info ,if they are of interest I can re-quote you for these .


DA4277 X2 BRITPART YELLOW PERFORMANCE SPRINGS £45.72 front heavy duty ( pair)

DA4279 X2 BRITPART YELLOW PERFORMANCE SPRINGS £58.76 rear heavy duty (pair)



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Call me a snob, but I would not touch Britpart dampers.

As a hold-over from my sports car days, I have always used better than average suspension parts, as I feel it is one area that corners should not be cut on.

I currently use standard LR springs & De Carbon dampers, which is superb.

As I have a year-long expedition coming up soon, I will be changing my setup once again, to something that can handle the mixture of a fully laden vehicle & African roads.

So, my new set-up will entail either TJM or KONI dampers, more than likely heading towards the Koni Heavy Track Raid, with weight matched Old Man Emu springs. Buy once and forget about it for a long time.

This set-up will not be a cheap option though, but similiar results can be achieved on more of a budget.

My biggest concern is the state of some of the roads I will be driving on, as they will be a LOT harsher to my suspension than what I currently drive on in Europe.

Go for one of the branded, well known names, would be my opinion.



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