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  1. No Im not putting Ikea chairs in my Landy (I dont have one any more anyway) but since I became single again, Im looking for bits and bobs in the house, and won a single chair from Ikea for a whole £3.60 !!! They are well over a hundred quid new, so a bit of a bargain !! Im not due into London for a while so is ther anyone who lives locally who could collect a single small chair for me (its a tub style chair and would fit in the back of most estates or Landy's)... I live near Dover so anywhere nearer Kent would help... Chair is in KINVER RD, SYDENHAM, LONDONSE26 4NT Ta
  2. I will look to see what EBay has to say, but I dont think they will do much. The buyer was after a cheeky refund, and I was not going to give one so said Id have them back, I am not inferring anything re the buyer, I have to take him at his word as he sas he lef them out. Lets see what PayPal says...
  3. Sold a set of custom jump leads and anderson connectors via Messrs Fleabay, and buyer complains about a minor scratch on an unused connector, so full refund given. No package turns up, courier says no packagae to collect, buyer says he left it out... Im £80 down and apparently the local PCSO does not think a crime has been committed (must have a different theft act in L Major).. So if you see any similar being offered, please PM me.. Ta
  4. Its never too late, and if an MGB or Volvo pulls up behind you if your stopped at the side of the road in Kentm it might be me! The decision to put Renault seats in rear was to give each person better comfort and dare I say it more safety (kids certainly said they are more comfy). The front seat decision could have been to get a matching set (they do come up) and ditch the centre seat. The eventual choice came down to comfort and the rear seats were just that bit narrow for my b*m to stay in for long journeys. One huge problem for me (being almost 2m tall) is that any front replacement seat needs to be as low as possible. The KA seats fitted the bill (did have a pair of leather Alfa Romeo Spyder seats in another 90 for same reason). The KA seats were easy to install, and I would certainly use the 6mm plate again for similar vehicles (er not on the MGB) as it was easy, cheap and left the vehicle intact with original mounting holes. I mates all got sick of me looking at their cars with a tape measure, and luckily I have a job where I can stop and peer into many cars to check their seat suitability. The KA seats were cheap (only cost me £25 for the pair) and went in without too much hassle (did weld an L bracket to allow bolts to come up and not bother about them being a but on the long side without interfering with the seat operation. The other issue is the seat width and again the KA just fitted in (did look at new MINI's as well). Let me know if you need any more help, or PM me which will alert my email. Nic
  5. Hmm not sure how you can see this, as Messrs Exmoore & Trim's kit does not feature on my truck. Rear seats are lifted from a Renault Scenic, and bolted on to a standard LR rear seat frame, I just put them back a little to give more room to kids as Im a long legged bloke. Front seats are Ford KA and used a huge 6mm plate to pick up holes from seat box and then attached the KA seats where I wanted. No need for existing seat box battery box lid any more. I have to say that if I won Lottery, Landy would be permanent part of the fleet and would not be sold for a puma !
  6. So the total kn*bber from Greece who 'purchased' the 110 seems to have gone quiet. He has not returned any calls or emails and seems to have forgotten that he agreed to purchase! Whats more the seller of my MGB has decided he cannot wait any more so Ive lost that as well. Moral of this tale, dont get involved with ebay buyers for high value items if they have low feedback !
  7. Guys, PM me if you need a phone number, Im happy to sort things out to help forum members, but Im looking to get as much cash as possible as I might also be looking at a D3 to keep the Land Rover marque ! Nic
  8. After nearly twenty years of Landy ownership, Im hanging up my keys for a while, and wanted to say thanks to all on the forum for the help and assistance given. My Defender is on fleabay at the moment, along with all my Defender related kit. Im still keeping my off road gear and chains etc, as I may be back in the future with a Disco3, but in the meantime am getting the urge for a nice red MGB GT ! So thanks to all for putting up with me over the years and who knows, when I get the D3, ill be back ! Nic
  9. Taken from Vehicle & Operator Services Agency Categorisation of Defects. Bumpers Bumper insecure or damaged Detachment likely either partially or completely or having projections or jagged edges likely to cause injury. Immediate prohbibition From a legal perspective: fit what you want, bearing in mind the above From a moral perspective - down to you.
  10. Didnt manage to get much done today, had to go into work, but managed both front wheels and no change. Interestingly enough, I moved the vehicle around my drive without using brakes and the fault did not return, but moved it 5 yards and used the footbrake, the fault was present next tim I started. Going to do a short session tomorrow AM and will try to see if applying the footbrake alone (ie no movement) also creates the problems. It would really help if the fault codes in the OP could be understood ? Does anyone know what they might be ?
  11. So he buys a G reg 90, blings the bodywork puts some new seat bases in, a mountney steering wheel, new cam, and does nothing to the rest of the vehicle ? What about all the leaks and knocks and rattles we have to put up with ....no to mention the bulkhead and tinworm elsewhere... Last time he bought a Landy he ended up with a bright yellow S3 V8, you would think he would have learned to stay away from petrol and join the heavy oil brigade !
  12. Hi Kev, Defender doors are as you sat commonly eaten alive. There is a company called YRM solutions who make the steel structure in bits long enough to fix most doors, however I found that as well as the steel frame, the ally skin also goes at the bottom and as it is wrapped around the frame at the bottom/sides it splits...here is an exellent writeup I did see a company who refurbished frames and this link suggests that they found a company who can do them. Good luck and let us know how you get on
  13. Sorry, back to your original question... Are you saying that you turn the key into position III, A - the engine does not crank over, but something squeals ? B - the engine cranks, but does not fire ? IMHO if its A, then the noise is coming from the starter motor, B would indicate a loose belt and or a component that is stubbon to turn and causing the belt to slip?
  14. Might be that he just wanted a Landy though, lets not stereotype, I recall a thread a while back where some one thought he was about to get car jacked and it turned out to be fairly innocent.
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