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New Swivel issues.

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Hi, as you can see from above I have had a frustrated day to say the least, I wont bore you with all the detail but I decided to renew the swivel the seals, bearings and disks.

This is a Disco 1 axle on the front of my 90.

The fun stated when I put the stub axle back on, it caused the swivel to seize solid, I undid the bolts a little and all was fine, I tried and tried for hours to get it to work I checked part numbers on microcat and all was as it should be, I removed the swivel again!!!!! sat it by the old one and could not really see any difference.

The only thing I could do to fix this problem was to skim 2mm off the bush that sits between the CV and the driveshaft flange (please excuse terminology).

So I am now left guessing what went wrong, was it a manufacturing problem on the swivel (yes it is a britpart one) this is the only logical thing I could and still can think of, or have I made a silly error? Can you advise if my solution to the probelem will cause any issues?


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Hi Tony,

New Swivel is on, the inner halfshaft has gone back in (part with the brass bush on it that locates in to the diff), CV fits on to the inner halfshaft (with this bush behind it) Stub axle on to the cv and conect to swivel housing, but when done up it locks tight.

I will try to find a pic

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having just done this, (Presuming that you have correct parts, paddocks once sent me wrong cv which caused the bearing you posted link to to collapse) i would say that after putting sttub axle on, you haven't pulled the half shaft out. Do this by threading a drive member bolt into the halfshaft\cv and pulling. i gave myself a scare but it was just too far into the stub axle, and so cv isn't central in swivel housing and locks up as you describe..... or have i completely misunderstood! :P

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Hi Adam, I think we are of different thoughts, it sounds like you are talkiing about a defender axel which I havw now swapped to a Disco 1 axel. On the Disco axel the halfshaft is put in afterwards and not the same as the defender, which you have to strip the hub down, thus why I changed.

But thank you anyway

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