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I wanted to service my freebie and thaught i would do it myself, iam no expert but quite handy with a spanner and with the help of rave manual, its not a cost cutting excersise, i just enjoy medling.

Today i dropped the oil and replaced it with new, replaced the oil filter, pollen filter, fuel filter and air filter.

I will probably do the brakes in a week or two.

L series 2.0 TD

With 70k on the clock on a year 2000.

Is there anything else that i should consider doing to keep my freebie running in good shape?

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I service my TD4 myself - its fairly easy to work on and not had too many problems. On the TD4 engine there is a crankcase vent filter that needs replacing or the BMW modified part fitting or you risk a blown turbo.

Change fuel filters too. Gearbox oil and IRD oil are also a must to change - LR spec a fully synthetic oil for manual boxes. Can be a pain to fill as car has to be level. Top tip! If you change the IRD and gearbox oil make sure you can undo the filler plugs BEFORE you drop their contents! Reasons are obvious!

Final drive on rear axle needs topping up. Again car has to be level. Not possible to change the oil in this as no drain plug!

Brakes are straightforward BUT if you do rear shoes ensure you fully follow the procedure in RAVE for resetting / adjusting handbrake!!!

Can't think of much else but have a search through here there is loads of good advice - and some not so good - and make sure you have a sense of humour!

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