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110 front springs

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While the 110 is in bits and easy to work on ive decided to change the suspention turrets and shocks as they are way past their best.

The 110 is used on and off road carying heavy loads on road and will be used as an expedition veichle with rack etc and hd winch bumper (the winch is planned just the funds keep being used on other bits)

It seems to have HD rear springs fitted as it is quite tall for a standard 110.

anyway back to the point. While its in bits I think its about time i changed the Front springs to try to stop the motor looking loke a dragster when its unladen.

I searche dthe site and the links to suspention and it seems that the HD front springs are also 90 rear springs? Does anyone have experince of how these are when fitted? Or any sugestions as to what springs will work.

Ive also seem (on x-eng) that police spec springs for the 90 give 1-2 " lift. would fitting these to the front work?

Id also want to fit gas shocks but what ones are proven reliable for an expedition motor?

Sorry for so many questions its just i seem to find all the answers i need here. :D



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Guest diesel_jim

You're correct, the factory fitment for 110 HD front springs are 90 standard rears (NRC9448 and 9449). i'm just about to fit some to mine, as i got some nice new HD bearmach springs for the back (i fitted them today n fact) and with the weigth of the nudgebar and 8274 up front i have a definate dragster look now!

I did fit some 90 HD rears NRC9462 and 9463 to the front of my 110, which have a little bit of a "hight front end" look (although this was with stock rear springs), but i think with a winch and roofrack, they'de be just right, but as i've taken my roofrack off, they they're no good!

if you get some 90 rears and want to swap them for my 90 HD rears, then just shout!

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My 2p: I changed the front springs from standard to HD some years ago. The combined weight of the spare wheel and a MM up front was too much.

The HD springs lifted the front, measured at the bumper, by 40 mm. In my experience, the change was 100% positive with way better behaviour especially on small and windy gravel roads. Much better steering precision and it wasn't too hard either, just a better "feel".

These springs, and the dampers have later been changed to softer OME spring and HD OME dampers.

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