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Defender alarm


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First post! I've got a 98 300 Tdi defender with the factory alarm (remote keyfob thingy). I've never had a vehicle with an alarm before. The problem I have is that if I disconnect the battery the alarm goes off, and no amount of button pressing will stop it. Obviously my first thought was to lift the bonnet and hit the alarm with the back of an axe (seen "The Gods must be Crazy?) but I couldn't find the bit making the noise. Now if I have to disconnect the battery for welding or electrical work I just wear ear defenders and hope the neighbours won't complain. Can anybody tell me how to work it please? It is a bit embarrassing because I tinker about with heavy plant for the day job.



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Guest diesel_jim

You have the "Battery Backed up Sounder" (BBUS), which, as you've found out, alarm if you (or some thieving pikey) disconnects the battery.

Taken from the rave manual (it should be in youe owners manual too if you've got one)

"Battery removal and replacement.

Your vehicle may be fitted with a battery backed up sounder,which operates as an anti theft siren if the main battery is disconnected.

If it is necessary to remove the main battery, it is ESSENTIAL to adopt the following procedure to prevent the alarm from sounding

1) turn the starter switch to "on" and then to "off", then remove the key

2) Disconnect the main battery WITHIN 15 SECONDS (if it is not disconnected within the 15 seconds then the BBUS will sound as soon as the battery terminals are removed)

If the alarm sounds when teh battery is reconnected, then it cannot be turned of in the normal way (ie operating the handset buttons) To deactivate the siren, disarm the alarm with the handset and then turn the starter switch to position "II"

hope that helps!

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