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Grinding noise help

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Was off road today and encountered a grinding noise whilst in low ratio (not in diff lock)

On fairly easy ground after an ascent using low ratio box (used low ratio diff lock for about 30 seconds to get over a rock step), started making a grinding noise (coming from front) sounded like someone underneath with an angle grinder / drill!

This was at low speed, only whilst moving in gear, it ceased once I moved back to high ratio.

Alo when I reached the base of the route and got back on the main road, as I turned left there was a series of clunking noises from what appeared to be the OSF wheel. Only did this the once.

Any ideas or starting points? (110 TD5 Hardtop...)

I've had another problem for a while which is a really bad vibration at around 65-67mph, new front prop going on tomorrow to try and rectify this, will check gear/transfer-box levels whilst i'm there and see if theres any movement in hubs (wheel bearing).

Im also getting a lot of slap in the rear diff when changing gear, how hard is it to replace the salisbury diff internals?

Thanks in advance


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Clunking from a wheel hub on full lock is usually a busted or badly worn CV joint (maybe wheel bearing too). If it's a cv, then be careful - the broken bits can jam and lock the steering.


Thanks Les, much appreciated.

In respect of diff slapping, is this an easy job to replace in a salisbury rear axle?

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Do you mean play between the pinion and crownwheel? (the flange turns a bit before the wheels move). To rebuild a salisbury axle correctly needs special tools and quite a bit of time/patience. You can get a good result from trial and error. If one or more of the bearings are shot, then it might be wise to buy a decent 2nd hand one - rather than try to rebuild it yourself.


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Do you mean play between the pinion and crownwheel? (the flange turns a bit before the wheels move).


Yes Les, you got it... Its worse in the front diff...

Thanks for your help.

P.S: Noise I originally thought was a prop turned out to be wheel bearings on the front, near side is particularly bad..

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