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It entirely depends on how well made the bio is. Be very careful with commercial sellers. Unfortunately, some manufacturers seem to be under the impression it is ok to mix a few chemicals in a bucket and sell it as bio. This will certainly be unsuitable for a Td5, and pretty much anything else. This is the reason that bio-diesel has a bad name.

However, if made properly, there is no reason why you couldn't run 100% bio in a Td5. There are a few people out there who make it to this standard. Where abouts is he located?

You might also like to check out Forum. Loads of useful info, and someone may be able to point you to a decent supplier.

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Bio diesel is by definition 100% derived from vegie oil (along with some methanol and a few other odds and sods). A friend of mine makes his own and has been running his TD5 90 for several years without problems. If you are thinking of just adding straight vegie oil to the diesel tank to make the mineral diesel go further I would think carefully against it as this can and does lead to major problems. Another friend tried this and knocked his conrods out of the side of the block! Either make your own proper biodiesel or run a twin tank system. BTW All pump diesel already has 5% veg oil in it anyway.

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hi guys

i ran my 300 tdi disco on bio for a couple of years , along with some plant i have jcb, benford dumper etc, everything seemed fine and i sold the disco , now have td5 which i dont run on bio, the reason being that some machines were poor to start, so after stripping down my lister engined logsplitter i found the tank was thick with gunge filters clogged and injectors clogged , i think this must be the bio additive strippin out lining


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