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disco auto gearing Q's?


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disco auto on 205's.

drops into top gear at around 45 mph which is around 1800 rpm. To low IMO.

will want to run largest tyres 34" and LOWER the overall gearing buy about 10%

will be upgrading the drive train as this will be the basis of my future LR

will be keeping the auto box...HP22? , transfer box...1.222 BUT will alter the R&P's to get the gearing back.

Using this gearing calculator http://www.solemnwarning.net/transmission/? using hp22 box, 1.222 trans, 34" tyres, 4.75 r&p's is that a decent combo???

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The combination you are suggesting should work quite nicely giving a nice controlled low box with a reasonable cruise in high box.

I am intending to use a 1.22:1 t-box and 4.11:1 diffs with 33's in my 90 when I have the cash.

What diameter are the 205's as on the standard 235's (29" diameter) tyres my 300TDi Discovery using standard diffs and a 1.22:1 transferbox would lock up the torque converter at 55mph (confirmed using GPS) and then with 33's and a 1.4:1 transfer box it now locks up at 45mph (again confirmed using GPS). This with engine revs of around 1800 rpm from memory.



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well they must be smaller than 29" as mine drops in at 45mph, around 1800 rpm.

1.222 right for an L reg disco auto?

Had a RRC V8 auto a few years ago, that had 35's on and dropped in at 55mph

guess 205's must be around 26"

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