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clutches (and spigot bush)


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if all goes well with MOT friday and trial at weekend my lightweight will be getting a new engine and gearbox next week.

its getting treated to a nice running 3.5v8 on efi and an lt77 and 230 box out of a defender (so short bellhousing)

now ive got the clutch pressure plate off the diesel out of a rangerover and it seems like the fixing holes may have the same spacing as my series pressure plate? would i be correct in thinking the diesel pressure plate will have stronger springing? if not (or if the mounting holes are spaced differently) would my 2a pressure plate work with a series 3 style release mechanism that the lt77 has. is there a heavy duty version of a diesel clutch (9.5"?) as a v8 size clutch wont fit in my adaptor plate.

(and before anyone says; the reason im using the adaptor plate and short bellhousing is because i dont want to modify bits to move my engine forwards, and i dont want to end up with a really short rear prop or gearlevers in the wrong place)

also im slightly confused on spigot bush size. i have a measurement of 24.85mm for the inside of a v8 crank which is as near as 31/32" does this sound right? and i have a measurement of 22.22mm for the diameter of the lt77 short bellhousing input shaft of 22.22mm which is near enough 7/8". do these diameters sound about right? and if so is there a spigot bush that size?

how big is a v8 input shaft on an lt95?



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normal V8 spigot bushes are 3/4" internal diameter.

There isnt an off the shelf bush, you'll need to have a V8 one machined out to 7/8", and the wall thickness of the bush ends up very thin making it tricky to fit.

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right then,

will a 130 clutch cover fit? (is it more heavy duty?)

part number URB100760 from paddocks

does it have the same fixing hole spacing as series?

and then can i use a FTC1994 plate with the short bellhousing gearbox i have?

spigot bush im probably going to get an adaptor made up to hold a diesel spigot bush in front of the crankshaft which will end up shorter than standard, but the input shaft on the lt77 i have doesnt seem to want to wander away from centre as much as the input shaft of the series box i have anyway.

trying to make a list of parts to order so that i can do the swap in as little time as possible.

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