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Disco 300tdi auto - engine upgrade


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Just to say that I'm a happy man !!! :D

Took the disco to Allisport to make it feel younger... and it worked...

my disco's got EDC and aircon so the choice is limited

- re-mapped chip (I could have gone plug-in)

- optimised intercooler (standard size)

- silicone hoses

so the result is:

- not as much delay from a standing start... as soon as the turbo kicks in it flies (ish) - used to be scray at busy junctions

- driving on motorway is now a pleasure - I can hold my speed when going uphill, and overtaking is safer

- I think the fuel consumption has improved if I drive as I used to do

would I do it again... OH YES....

on a side note:

- the workshop is not at the end of the world.. but I guess you can see it for there :rolleyes:

- the crew at Allisport is great

- Andrew (the boss) knows his stuff big time :)

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