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Shock & Spring - Standard IDs

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i have a very standard 90 300tdi which needs new bushes on the rear shocks - MOT advisory.

it has been waxoiled and everything is covered in it. any idea how i can tell what's on there? i am assuming they are just standard LR shocks but it does bounce a bit unladen at the back at times so i was wondering if they are hard shocks. 4 x 6footers in the rear and the back drops about 2 inches to give you an idea.

the ride is fine, does'nt lean much on corners and drives very well so i don't want to ruin the set-up.

also - there is no sign of drop/sag at the back or the front so can i just replace the shocks?


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If it drives well, doesn’t lean much in the corners etc etc

You could just replace the bushes

Top NRC5593 x 2

Bottom RNF100090L x 4

STD rear shocks are STC3767 x 2

Or go for an upgrade and fit gas shocks.

No right or wrong option it a matter of choice.

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