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The tank is full but the carb is empty!?


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Dear All

I have finally got the series 2a out of winter storage and for some reason there is no fuel getting to the carb so obviously she won't start.

I have removed and cleaned the mechanical fuel pump with no luck, so I have now changed it for one I had knocking around and I still can't get fuel out of the tank.

I have drained the fuel tank and filled up with fresh fuel just to be safe.

If anyone has any idea's on what I should try next or indeed what I need to do to the fuel pump to start getting the fuel through to the carb I will be most grateful.

Thanks for your time


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Hi bigant

do you have any dregs of petrol still in the can you used to fill the tank up if you do try emptying some into the carb and see if it will start, it may just be that the battery is starting to go flat before the fuel gets through the pump and to the carb.



03 d2 td5 auto e.s.

97 di 300 tdi man now sold.

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It could be dry valves in the lift pump so they dont seal too well with the result that it wont draw the fuel. Have you tried hand pumping the lift pump to fill the carb. If it is dry valves a dodge i use is disconnect the inlet pipe and squirt some oil in the inlet and then give it a pump on the priming lever, if that makes the sucky noises sound correct refit the pipe and then pump the petrol up.

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