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Disco 2 Td5 Auto


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I've just bought a Disco 2 Td5 Auto and I've noticed as the revs rise there's a booming sound, its there slightly lower down the box and seems more apparent higher up the gearbox at about 2750 RPM just before it changes into to top. I've got a 93 Classic and I drive the Disco as I drive the RR and have no issue with the RR.

My question is, is this normal, or is it me or my driving style?


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It doesn't sound like exhaust boom, its standard as far as I know as it was bought from an LR Main Agent, so I wouldn't expect it to have any exhaust mods.

I don't know whether its normal for this car, I've read the Owners Manual and it mentions pedal travel and input influencing gearbox changes, my RR doesn't have a pedal potentiometer.

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all td5 are fly by wire as far as i know. stick your head under neath and check if the big box is in.

TD5 autos are fairly quiet untill you rev them hard. The 5 cylinder engine is a bit different and can feel strained when reved hard, maybe its that

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