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Evening guys & girls.

Many many many years ago I used to post here, back when I owned the shed in my avatar. I gave up 4x4s & went to play on motorbikes for a few years. The bug has come back though & I'm feeling the need for a series SWB, ideally a S2/2a as I think they look best. I'm not planning to buy anything for a few months, but starting to look around again to remind myself what to look for & so forth.

Would you mind helping with a few questions while I start to look again?

Soft top series, how waterproof are they? I'm assuming that's a silly question & I'd need a waterproof warm coat?

Petrol or Diesel? seems like the condition of the truck matters more as the engines are similar?

V8 - any advantage except the wonderful noise?

I would want an overdrive for doing any road miles wouldn't I?

The main rust points are the Bulkhead & Chassis, particularly the rear cross member are they not?

Oh yeah, is £1k a realistic budget to get a series thats useable daily?

Have to say, I'm amazed my account is still on here.

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Allo Mark.

I think I deleted my Differs account when I left there, can't honestly remember.

I won't be looking for a tidy truck, you know how I treated the last tidy one I had. It didn't stay tidy for long :lol: As long as it doesn't die of rust & trundles around it's all good.

Nice to be remembered though!

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I hope I can answer some of your questions.

Canvas tops are drier than the standard hard top. They shouldn't leak, if they do they either need re-water proofing or they're knackered (e.g. rotten with big gaping holes). A hard top can be handy and any leaks or condensation with a hard top can usually be sorted out.

Whether you go for a petrol or diesel depends on your motoring budget and how much noise you're willing to accept. The petrol engine isn't light on fuel but very reliable and quiet compared to the diesel. The diesel is good on fuel consumption (expect 30mpg with one in good health, possibly more if it's lightly laden) but can be noisy. It also has a few less horsepower and torque available.

Unless it's a Stage 1 S3 then the V8 will have been put in by a previous owner. Be aware that it requires things like custom exhaust, modified passenger footwell to clear manifold, relocated oil filter, engine mount adapters and bellhousing adapter to name a number of non-standard items. I like them though. You'd need to decide if one is what you want.

An overdrive is pretty much a must for a Series that doesn't stay within its local area. Worn overdrives will whine badly, good ones should be nearly silent. (As you might guess, most are worn)

As for where they rot, they rot in the same places as a Defender. Bulkhead top section, corners, footwells and pillars. The chassis rots at the rear crossmember first, followed by outriggers and front dumbirons.

Would you get a good usable example for a grand? I don't know. I think you would stand a better chance if you added five hundred to that figure. The fact that the youngest Series is now about 26 years old means they're all rapidly descending into real classic status.

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Cheers Rich.

Budget is variable, that's just a figure I reckon I can find in a few months on top of what I'll get selling my car. The fact it's possible is good. I don't mind fixing stuff, when I had a disco I was even mad enough to rebuild a gearbox outside for it & it worked!

Currently I'm just keeping an eye on prices via ebay & so forth. I'm trying to resist buying before I can get a semi-dencent one, but we'll see how that goes.

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Just to bring this back from the dead. I ended up buying a sensible car & after two months I don't want it :lol: I'm seriously looking this http://www.johncraddockltd.co.uk/products/land_rover_series_3_swb_88.php Seems solid with fresh paint everywhere, I've done lots of tapping & it's not all painted rust on the chassis. Not test drove it as the clutch has lost it's fluid while stood, Craddocks say they'll sort that. It runs as sweet as a sewing machine.

I'm not sure I'd cope with it as an everyday car though, they are rather cramped aren't they? the test drive in another 88" Craddocks had was my first drive of a Series. Old aren't they? :blink: Seriously, is it likely to drive me mad doing 50-60miles a day & maybe double that if I move as expected early next year.

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That seems a very good price if it has no rust and a decent engine/gearbox...especially with the overdrive. I'd be surprised if you could find a nice landie for £1k.

Petrol engines are better in pretty much every way unless you are planning to drive it under water.

As much as it pains me to say, if you want to do big miles you would be better off with a 200TDi defender (more expensive) or perhaps a discovery? I did drive my diesel, non O/D S3 every day for about a month over summer (great fun) but I only live 10 miles from work, I'm not sure I could live with one as my only car. Apart from anything else the fuel economy is pretty bad, it'd pay you to have a diesel golf or whatever just to save fuel.

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I've done the disco thing, it's in my avatar. The next landy will be a real one with leafs.

My parents have offered me their 'spare' car for the winter & due to funds in the toy account it looks like I won't be getting a Series yet. I will do one day though, I NEED one.

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