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Turbo Oil Leak ?

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I have a 200 tdi Defender. 100,000 miles. Today, i tried to start her up but she would fire but not run. I then noticed oil all over the n/s front chassis. I unclipped the air filter and saw the oil had been coming from the air filter drain. I took out the paper filter that was half soaked in oil and started her up with no problems. Apart from not starting that one time i have had no problems. No strange noises from the turbo, no lack of power, no smoke from the exhaust. She is running fine. I was wondering, are there any oil seals in the turbo? I can't think where else the oil could be coming from. Can anyone give me a clue?

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I would get it checked asap!! you don't want it to start running on it's own oil!!!!

I had a 200tdi Disco engine in my defender when i first bought it! It started ok & run with no funny noises. Had it on the road less than a week, driving home after having some work done on it & it just stopped for no reason, but would turn over and try to run then stall. After investigation under the bonnet i noticed while trying to start the air pipe from intercooler to engine was sucking in. I.E no air. disconnected the pipe to find it had a fair bit of iol in it. The car started with pipe removed! got it home ;)

Cleaned / flushed all pipework & intercooler all ok. Then 3 days later just going out for a run it stalled again when approaching a roundabout with thick black / blue smoke comming from exhaust & raised air intake, would'nt start for love nor money even after diconecting the pipe i had done before.

Got it towed home & removed head only to find bottom end sh@gged!! It had pressurised the sump forcing the oil up into air system etc.

Not saying this is the same as yours!! As i'm not a trained mechanic with cert's etc. But something to beware of as you don't want oil getting in there!!

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