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Changing the oil seal on the Front Output Shaft


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Dear All

Next job up on the series 2a job sheet is to change the oil seals on the front and rear output shafts, the rear went ahead without any drama's however the front is proving to be a pain!

After establishing that there was not a split pin securing the castleated nut, we eventually got it undone but boy was it on tight, this seems to have had the knock on effect of jamming the prop shaft bit onto the shaft.

I have tried using a two legged gear puller and the "universal spanner" method to no effect, does anyone have any idea's on how to shift it?



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Oi, it should slide right off. Never ran into one that was stuck in place, they were usually well lubricated from the leak..........

Try placing a Johnson bar between the bolts and attempt rocking the output gear till it breaks free.


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